Close Combat Shooting: How To Fight With A Gun

Close Combat Shooting: How To Fight With A Gun

I know you’ve seen it in secret agent films…

Good guy walks up behind sentry and strikes the handle on the back of the neck for an instant knockout before entering the secret lair to save the world.

Ok, you know this is fantasy – but the fact is, there may be a time when you have to use your weapon as a striking tool in close quarters combat.

For example, if your gun jams or you run out of ammo, it’s not going to be easy to clear or reload while playing tag with a knife-wielding thug, right?

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to use your gun to fight…

Close Combat Shooting: How To Fight With Your Gun

Close Combat Shooting Fight

First of all, if you’re seriously all out of ammo, you’re basically carrying a big paperweight… so strike with your weapon any way you want.

But, if it’s only a jam or you need to fight to gain space to reload…

1. Don’t hit with the bottom of the grip.

This is the strike that most people will naturally attempt.

However, the bottom of your grip is basically the magazine’s floor plate and striking with this end can damage it to the point where it doesn’t feed ammo as well (or at all).

2. Maintain line-of-fire discipline.

Swinging your weapon all over the place – combined with hand-tightening on impact – could discharge a round.

If it does, you want to control where it goes.

A stray round could hit an innocent bystander and turn YOU into a “murderer”.

Worse – you could kill a loved one you were trying to protect in the first place

3. Strike with the muzzle.

Think “karate punch”.

Pull your gun hand back to your waist while pushing your off-arm out toward his face.

This opens him up for you to “punch” with the muzzle of your gun to the side of the head, neck, or groin.

Keep you finger off the trigger though… if the gun twists on impact, you could break your main trigger finger.

Training For A Real Close-Quarters Gunfight…

This is a good drill to practice with a plastic training weapon (like a blue-gun or an airsoft gun) and a padded buddy.

Don’t get so comfortable with your weapon that you don’t think you’ll need anything more than a bullet to stop an attacker.

Remember, most gunfights happen less than 9 feet away.

That’s why most firearms training is more for your “ego” than for your survival.

To truly be prepared for a real attack on the streets (or even your home), you MUST understand the close combat stopping power factors.

These factors are critical to your survival and cover not only your weapon and your ammunition… but also how to start training for “reality” instead of your typical firearms training.

Let the “ego shooters” practice the old way.

The true “warrior” knows better… and trains for the real thing.

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