MCS Podcast #104: Common Sense Gun Control - Mental Illness

MCS Podcast #104: Common Sense Gun Control – Mental Illness

Yes… I’m a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a proud member of the NRA.

I’m also a husband and a father… and news stories of psychopathic shooters armed with gobs of weapons walking into a school, workplace, restaurant, bar, church (or whatever) and mowing down fine, upstanding citizens both shocks and scares the hell out of me.

These horrifying stories of small, innocent children being shot in school “should” move us to do more to prevent these types of tragedies.

Alas… they don’t.

Just the mention of the words “gun control” forces a gut reaction no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on.

But I have faith we can all figure “something” out together… and gun-owners can lead the way…

“Common Sense Gun Control”: The Mentally Ill

Common Sense Gun Control

Tree-hugging liberals are labeled wanting to “get rid of all guns and the 2AD”… while conservatives are tagged as “gun nuts” who think everyone should be able to own a gun no matter what.

Neither is really true.  Not on a large scale.

But here’s the truth…

We ALL actually want “gun control”, don’t we?

I mean, no one really wants psychopaths, criminals, or terrorists to own guns, right?

The problem is, how do we control who’s truly a “threat” and who isn’t?

Is it possible that the NRA and responsible gun-owners like us can actually LEAD THE WAY on “gun control” that makes sense… preserves our 2nd Amendment rights… and makes us safe at the same time?

In this 3-part podcast series, I challenge all of my fellow gun-loving patriots to be pro-active and creative in leading the way on strategies we can discuss that can do exactly that – preserve our rights, our guns, and our way of life – without falling into the “all or nothing” box that liberals love to throw us in.

In this episode, I want us to tackle one of the main problems behind the recent mass shootings these recent years… mental illness.

It’s a tough nut to crack, for sure.

And I don’t really have an answer myself… but I do have a personal confession to make.

And I believe in your ability to be part of the change that’s pro-active and preserves our rights…

… before the change is made TO us… and takes away those rights.

I look forward to your insights.

(Oh… and I ONLY expect respectful, professional ideas and feedback.  No haters allowed!  This is a discussion – a brainstorming, if you will – and all ideas are welcome.)

Thanks for your cooperation and input.

Are The Good “Common Sense” Solutions To Keeping Guns Out Of The Hands Of The Criminally Insale?

Please Share Your Constructive Ideas Below Now…

(Warning: No Haters Allowed.  Challenge Yourself To Join Your Fellow Patriots In Proving We Can Do More Than Just Cross Our Arms.)

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