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Concealed Carry Tips: How To Protect Your Spouse In Public

You’re at dinner with your wife, and you’ve just surprised her with an early anniversary gift. 

Her eyes light up and you think, “yep, I’ve still got it.”

You leave the restaurant together, holding hands with fingers interlaced as you make your way through the parking lot.

An armed man waits in the shadows, stalking you from behind when suddenly, he trains a gun on you and your wife… 

…“Give me your wallet and your keys!” 

His hands are trembling and his erratic movements make you suspect that this could be more than just a robbery.

You trust your training – and your firearm – but the hand your wife is holding is your “gun hand”.

As she panics and squeezes down on your hand with a viselike grip, she begins pulling, trying to hide behind you, and you’re losing your balance – unable to break free to reach for your gun.

You’re vulnerable. 

He shoots. 

Here Are 3 Tips To Defend Your Spouse In An Armed Attack…

Concealed Carry Tip To Protect Spouse

As you can tell from this scenario, being prepared to protect yourself and those you love with your firearm is about far more than just getting a tight shot group down at the local gun range.

Especially when it’s your job to protect someone you love.

You must think and act like a “bodyguard” – because that’s EXACTLY what you are.

It could be traveling on a vacation… walking to the car after dinner or shopping… or even just in the “assumed” safety of your home…

You know that you must ALWAYS be vigilant… and that goes double when you’re protecting someone you love.

To give you some idea of how you would apply “bodyguard tactics” when you’re with someone you love in public, here are a few tips:

1. Pre-Plan Your Companion’s Actions  

The time to work out how your partner should respond is not when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun. 

Talk about it now and consider having them immediately break free from holding on to your… hide behind you an arm’s length away… and look for an opportunity to run to get help and escape if possible. 

Unless they’re also trained and armed, it should be stressed that they are NOT to talk or try to defend you even if you’re being beaten. 

They simply need to run to safety!

2. Keep Your “Gun Hand” Free At All Times  

When holding hands and attacked, be ready for your companion’s adrenaline to kick in and wrench down on your hand.  

This is why you must get in a habit to ALWAYS hold hands using your hand OPPOSITE your weapon so you can quickly get to it in an instant.

Use your power to pull her behind you so you can shield her if your attacker shoots.  

Your primary goal is her safety – at all costs.

3. Train For Extreme One-Handed Scenarios

The “spouse scenario” is another reason why you absolutely MUST practice for a one-handed draw, worst-case scenario.  

Most instructors advise a “4-finger sweep” with your gun hand to clear your shirt over your pistol. 

However, when we were developing our 7-step “Extreme Close Combat Shooting” course, we pressure-tested this technique and found we would often end up snagging our weapon when trying to grip the handle.

Even worse, a few times the gun actually flew out of our hands as we presented the weapon to fire because we hadn’t cleared our shirts. 

Instead, we suggest you train with the “thumb swipe,” demonstrated in our online counter-ambush course.

This gave us a faster reaction time and better accuracy, which is all part of the “stopping power” equation. (For more info, click here and read this shocking free guide…)

Remember, criminals will attack when they have the advantage and they know that, even if you’re armed, you’re going to be a much easier target and less likely to fight back if you’re with someone you care about.

These 3 concealed carry “tactical tips” will help you and those you love get home alive!

What Other Tactical Tips Do You Follow When Out With Your Family In Public?

Please Share Your Best Advice Below Now…

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