Concealed Carry Tip: Trick To Defeat An Ambush With Massad Ayoob

A Simple Trick To Defeat An Ambush Attack By A Criminal Asking For Change

I swear my girlfriend is aiming for “sainthood”

You know the homeless guys and gals waiting for you at the intersection red light?

You’re parked 5 or 6 cars back as they slowly work their way toward you, car-by-car, with that look on their face like your dollar is going to be the one thing that keeps them alive yet one more day… all the while, you’re praying for the light to turn green in time for you to bypass them and avoid feeling like you’re going to hell for not coughing up some change?

(Or is it just me?)

Well, my girl does something that few people do in these situations…

She hands them a $5 bill paper-clipped to a Christian “message of hope” card that might – just might – be the words they need to turn their life around.

Yup.  She’s a keeper! 🙂

But I also know that sometimes criminals use this same “Do you have any change?” ploy to get close to you before they attack.

I mean, I’m all about being generous – and I know that some people are just down on their luck and could use a lift up – but I’m not about to open myself up to a close-quarters ambush and find myself bleeding out in a gas station parking lot for the sake of getting one more step up the stairway to Heaven, know what I mean?

Well, it got me thinking about a “defense tip” that was told to me a few years back by my friend (and legendary “gun guru”), Massad Ayoob

A Simple Counter-Ambush Tip For Concealed Carry By Massad Ayoob

Concealed Carry Counter-Ambush Technique
CCW Tip: How To Defeat An Ambush Attack

Massad AyoobCriminals often use the ploy of asking for change to get close enough to strike – and most of the time it’s by asking for change or directions somewhere where you’re already distracted, such as the gas station, pumping gas.

To stop them in their tracks as soon as you see them coming, don’t be afraid to challenge them and tell them in a very authoritative voice to “stand back”, asking “What can do for you?”

Mas said, to always be ready for this type of a ploy, keep a 5-dollar-bill wrapped around a matchbook or bic lighter (in order to give it some weight) either in your pocket or someplace within arms’s reach next to you in your vehicle.

Then, toss it to the person hitting you up for cash.

If that’s all they wanted, they should stop… thank you… and move out.

If they continue to move in closer (to thank you or shake your hand), you know you might have a problem and can take more aggressive action to keep them at a safe distance – and maybe even having to be at-the-ready to get to your gun or other weapon to protect yourself.

Mas is one smart dude! 🙂

What Other Ways Are There To Avoid A Criminal Ambush?

Please Leave Your Best Tips Below Now…

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