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Long-Range Pistol Shooting Tactics To SAVE LIVES

The bullets rained down from the sky!

Nearly everyone reading this is familiar with the story, but it bears retelling…

October 1, 2017…

A single shooter dumps 1,000 rounds onto a crowd leaving over 400 wounded, hundreds more terrorized and 60 dead!

But one properly trained citizen could have ended it all!

Sound far-fetched?

It’s not.

And we have a former LAPD officer with over 30 years experience on the force to tell you why.

Long-Range Pistol Shooting Skills To Save Lives

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Just how far you can shoot with an every day carry pistol!
  • Real-life situations where long-distance pistol shooting skills can save lives!
  • The number one problem most male shooters have that female shooters don’t!
  • How long-range pistol skills aid other areas of training!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What’s The Longest-Range Shot You’ve Ever Made With A Pistol? Think 500 Yards Is Impossible?

Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…

  • Michael B says:

    95 yards with a Springfield XD subcompact 9mm . Was at a range and noticed guy shooting clays on a bank at 95 yards with a .380 . I had never considered it prior to that day but, when the range was clear, I put some golf balls on that bank and had a lot of fun. I never thought of trying to shoot my pistol at such a range until then and realized what I never thought possible.
    I do not know how far of a shot I can make with a 9mm but , 95 yards with small targets is great practice.
    Thank you for bringing attention to the subject.

  • I took a half a dozen of Scotts classes top notch training and professionalism with a bit of humor. I am glad to see him still keeping busy. He would have people who had never held a gun and in an 8 hour class at the end of the day everyone was hitting a man sized target at 100 yards.

  • john aka Thunder Bow says:

    300+ yards with Ruger Blackhawk .357 on bowling ball size rocks. Elmer Keith kill deer at such ranges. I’ve shot squirrels from trees at 90+ with .22 lr target pistols. I am 70 now and can do it with optic sights. NO, a novice clown cannot do it.

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