Staying Alive When Shooting "Awkward" Positions

Staying Alive When Shooting From “Awkward” Positions In A Real Gunfight

I want you to picture yourself at the range.

No matter what else comes to mind, I bet there’s one common factor you’re thinking of…

…you’re standing up, aren’t you?

And you might be a pretty good shot standing up, in the “perfect” position, sending rounds down range at a paper target.

But what would you do if you were on the ground, trying to fend off an attacker while also trying to keep yourself and innocent bystanders safe from harm?

What about crouched behind the hood of a car for cover?

Would you be able to safely draw your weapon…

…aim it at the proper target…

…and fire…

…all without getting shot by the big bad guy intent on taking your life?

You won’t “magically” find yourself ready to shoot from your back the first time that you have to.

You have to train for it!

This week, we talk with Adam Winch of Defenders USA about his real-life encounters with nearly 20 years in law enforcement, about the tactics you’ll need for…

Staying Alive During A Real-Life Gunfight When You’re On The Ground

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why only training at the range will leave you a sitting duck during a real-life gun fight.
  • The most stable shooting position you’ve probably never shot from.
  • The one thing you should (almost) never do when you’re shooting from the ground.
  • How to ask your range to train from the ground… and what to do when they say “no.”
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What’s The Most Awkward Position You’ve Ever Shot From? How Well Did You Shoot?

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  • Henry M Niedzwiecki says:

    Jeff, I guess I’m lucky to have 4 acres of land, with 2 that are wooded. As a youngster, I learned tumbling, which is something that I, kind of kept up, all my life. At 82, I still do some tumbling practice on the grass, and NOW, will add in some target shooting with my Springfield XD BB Pistol (full recoil).
    I realize that, not everyone can tumble, but for those who still can, they might consider adding it, 1st, to their physical training and 2nd, to their shooting routines, where they are able.

  • Adam heavily emphasized needing to practice these types of Advanced shooter exercises safely. That need cannot be overstated. As a State/NRA certified instructor, I’d suggest lots of repetitions with an inert (blue gun) and/or SIRT trainer followed by even more reps with an airsoft replica before ever considering moving up to practice with a real (and totally unloaded) “dry” pistol. Good situation is to have a professional instructor observe you during the drill, with great benefits added by having your practice videotaped so that you review your own performance in “after-action” assessments of your progress. An added note is that this is a great opportunity to make sure your “stop the bleed” kit (with tourniquets, pressure bandages, gauze dressings, hemostatic agents, and chest seals) is up to date and immediately accessible in your training area. Be safe while you train because lives depend on it!

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