CQC Shooting: Pizza Guy DROPS 3 or 4 Robbers!
  • CQC Shooting: Pizza Guy DROPS 3 Of 4 Robbers!

    Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson, Editor

    “Gimme your money or you’re dead.”

    The pizza delivery driver could see, from the side of his eye…

    …that there was an assault rifle pointed at his head.

    Maybe he knew that pizza delivery guy ranks in the top 10 most dangerous jobs.

    Maybe he didn’t.

    But deep in his guts, he had to know that these scumbags were willing to kill him for the few dollars in his zipper envelope.

    And that’s why…

    A Pizza Guy Went For His Gun With An Assault Rifle To His Head… And WON!

    A Pizza Guy Went For His Gun With An Assault Rifle To His Head… And WON!

    CQC Shooting: Pizza Driver Shoots 3 Of 4 Thugs
    CQC Shooting: Pizza Driver Shoots 3 Of 4 Thugs

    It happened just last month in East Charlotte, North Carolina.

    It was late on a Monday night, and the driver – we’ll call him “Bob” because the news didn’t identify him – was just trying to complete his shift.

    We’ve all been dead tired, at the end of a long day, and Bob probably felt that as he rolled up to his last call of the night.

    But when he got out of his car, he was suddenly AMBUSHED – by not 1, not 2, not even 3 armed thugs – but 4 men all looking to rob him.

    Nemiah McInnis

    One of the scumbags was Nemiah McInnis.

    He’s one of two robbers who’s actually a legal adult, at age 20…

    …because the other two were just kids.

    (He looks like a real tough guy in his mug shot, doesn’t he – because everybody’s tough when they’ve got an AK pointed at an innocent man’s head.)

    When Bob rolled up to that apartment complex in East Charlotte, Nemiah and his buddy Toybyus Banks, 18, joined a  15-y.o. and a 16-y.o. in threatening Bob’s life.

    But Bob wasn’t a victim.

    He was a trained CCW holder, and he was determined not to go out without a fight.

    Instead of giving up his cash and waiting to be killed, he went for his gun – and –

    BAM! BAM! BAM!

    Bob put bullets in 3 out of 4 of the robbers, as they ran off screaming, crying, and bleeding.

    Two were later found with gunshot wounds.

    A third – that would be Toybyus Banks – turned up in a local hospital, which is why his mugshot isn’t available.

    (He has to get out before they can take his photo.)

    That meant that Bob went home at the end of his shift, alive and unharmed, while the gang that ambushed him will pay the price for trying to rob him (with a gun, it turned out later, that was only a replica).

    Now, how do I know Bob was trained to use his gun?

    I admit I’m guessing – but I figure he’s either trained or the luckiest gun owner in the whole wide world.

    That’s because, even though the robbers weren’t actually in a position to shoot back, Bob never would have hit 3 of 4 moving targets if he was the kind of guy who plinks cans once a summer, or shoots paper at the range twice a year.

    Only realistic gun training for extreme close-quarters gunfights can prepare you for this type of ambush attack.

    Your ambushers will be acting (by, say, putting an assault rile to your head)…

    …and you will be reacting to someone who ALREADY has the drop on you.

    Too many armed citizens are practicing for tight shot groups at long distances on paper targets, and that’s NOT what saved Bob’s life!

    You’ve GOT to be prepared to shoot fast and accurately at close quarters while under threat, possibly with innocent lives on the line!

    If you don’t train for that, you’re setting yourself up for a potentially traumatic wake-up call… that could cost you your life!

    The good news is, if you want to perform like Bob did under stress, you can.

    You just need to get realistic training – training that’s actually easy to find.

    In fact, you can do it right at home – the same way that I do!

    If you want to dig deeper into how I train for real attacks, you might want to check out our 7-step “gunfighting” system here.

    Just be warned…

    I don’t follow popular opinion when it comes to firearms training, so some of what you read may actually be the OPPOSITE of what you’ve been taught in the past.

    All I ask is that you keep an open mind… and be willing to try something completely new in how you prepare for the reality of a gunfight.

    That way, if some group of scumbags ambushes you and puts a gun to YOUR head, you’ll be able to something other than wait to die.

    Don’t wait.

    Prepare for REALISTIC gunfights now with this at-home training.

    What Weapon Do YOU Carry For Ambush Attacks?

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