3 Easy "Stress Shooting" Dry-Fire Drills To Train For A Real Attack

Your Most Dangerous Enemy in a Real-Life Gunfight… and How to Defeat It Before the Shooting Starts!

It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the gun range like it’s your second job…

It doesn’t matter how fast you can draw your weapon… how tight your shot group is… what caliber your weapon is… or what super-powered ammo you’re using…

All of your gear, gizmos, and hoo-rah “tactical training” won’t do you a damn bit of good when you’re attacked if you don’t first defeat the one single enemy you can’t ignore.

And unfortunately, nearly every gun-owner is making the same mistake with this critical oversight – and it could literally cost you your life because…

When You’re Ambushed By A Blood-Thirsty Criminal, You Only Have Three Options… And ONE Of Them Can Get You Killed!

stress shooting dry-fire exercises

Most of you probably already know about the three responses to a life-threatening situation: fight, flight or freeze.

You stand your ground…

You run away…

You freeze up…

Everyone expects that they will fight or, at least, have the presence of mind to run away.

What no one considers is that they will freeze – the absolute worst of all possible options – becoming the proverbial deer in headlights (and we all know what happens to the deer caught in headlights).

In fact, most people will freeze up under the stress of life-threatening danger because they have never trained to perform under pressure.

And unfortunately, if you train the way that most do, you’re really risking a rude wake-up call if you’re ever attacked in real life!

Why Traditional “Range Training” Won’t Prepare You For The Stress Of A Real Gunfight…

It’s really obvious when you think about it…

I mean, go ahead and picture the last time you went shooting at your local gun range.

You got your “eyes and ears”… loaded up your magazines… positioned yourself in your assigned, well-lit firing lane… slowly raised your gun to take careful aim… and started sending rounds “down range”.

And (of course) you land shot after shot of well-grouped, center mass holes in your paper target, right?

But let me ask you…

How much of that looks anything like the conditions you’ll face in a real attack – one where you’re facing a hulking, blood-thirsty criminal… in the dark of night… charging at you full-speed… your spouse, kid, grandkid (or whoever) right next to you… and you don’t even have your gun out yet?!

Unless you’ve trained specifically for these high-threat, “ambush” conditions, your brain is going to feed you an adrenaline cocktail that’s going to send your heart up into your throat… and reduce your fine-motor skills to the point where you feel like you’re going for your gun while wearing mittens!

In other words, traditional “range training” is fun – and it is important for learning the basics of shooting – but it’s simply not enough to prepare you for the heart-stopping “combat stress” your body is going to go through when you’re really attacked!

So how DO you train for the stress of a real attack?

The answer is to add “STRESS INOCULATION TRAINING”… the process of acclimating your body and mind to “life-or-death” stress before an attack so that your brain is pre-programmed to take the right action as quickly as possible – and to get you started…

Here Are 3 Simple “Stress Shooting” Hacks To Program Your Brain To Take Fast-Action… EVEN If You’re Attacked From The Shadows With No Warning At All!

Introducing stress into your training is easy – if you know how…

You see, “stress” simply means “total cognitive load.”

In layman’s terms this just means how much stuff your brain has to do at one time.

Thus, adding in new elements for the brain to process while drawing and firing a weapon will create enough stress for training.

And the best part is, no special equipment is required and you can perform these drills anywhere it’s safe to dry-fire a weapon – operating a fully-cleared and empty firearm, or using an “inert” option such as a SIRT training pistol, airsoft, or some other safe weapon simulator.

Now some of the things you can do are probably going to seem a little silly to you at first… but we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Here are 3 simple exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to begin increasing your combat readiness with a firearm.

Stress Inoculation Drill #1: “The Uni-Pod”

Standing on one leg while dry-firing might make you feel (and look) a little silly…

(But hey… who are we to judge?!)

Looks aside, standing on one leg isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Most of us have to concentrate to do it and even then, we’re constantly having to adjust for balance.

In other words, just standing on one leg increases your “total cognitive load.”

It’s a small step that may not seem like it could have much of an effect on your abilities, but it does… and you have to learn how to crawl before you can learn how to walk (or in this case, stand on one leg).

Stress Inoculation Drill #2: “The Backwards 7”

Ok, let’s ramp things up a little bit…

Another little trick you can do RIGHT NOW to begin training for the stress of a gunfight is to dry-fire while counting backwards from 100… by 7’s.


See? It’s not so easy, is it?

And your brain has to process this while you rack the slide… aim… “fire”… and maybe even while standing on one leg.

Performing two or more actions together begins to seriously increase your stress inoculation.

Again, it sounds like it has nothing to do with a real-life fight, but remember our goal here: To increase “total cognitive load.”

Stress Inoculation Drill #3: “The Pain-In-The-A** Partner”

Introducing a training partner gives you an almost unlimited options for introduce stress into your firearms training.

A partner can restrain you as you attempt to draw…

A partner can pinch you at random while you attempt to aim…

A partner can yell at youcurse at youget in your faceeven charge at you as you draw, aim and fire your airsoft gun, SIRT pistol (or your quadruple-checked carry weapon?)…

The scenarios are endless… and they all provide ways to increase total cognitive load during firearms training.

Get Really, Really, REALLY Good By Having Fun With Your Guns!

Training with added stressors is just one way to level up your training.

There are tons of addictive “combat readiness drills” that will have you falling in love with your guns all over again.

What Other Drills Have You Used – Or Tips You Can Think Of – For Adding More Stress To Your Firearms Training?

Go Ahead And Leave Your Best Tips, Tricks, And Tactics Below Now…

  • I have wondered about doing some type of intense aerobic activity immediately prior to doing your firearm drills, so that you add increased heart rate and, faster breathing, and overall tiredness to the mix. Any thoughts on this?

    • 20 seconds all out on heavy bag then draw and fire. 30 seconds of push-up/ burpee/ or use Ox dry-fit cards, some are difficult to understand but there are plenty there

  • JessicaHerring says:

    Simulate getting knocked out or a concussion: Close your eyes, spin around for the a random count (like use the 1st digit in your phone number, then the next digit, etc) then open your eyes, locate target, draw, engage

  • David C. Telliho says:

    used to do stuff like this when i was 18,and bought my H&R 9 shot 22 rev.. Then used it small game hunting.Taught myself to reload quickly after firing one rd. Holstered,got rd. ready to reload,drew rev., ejected spent rd.reloaded,holstered again.Did this over&over for decades.I know where gun is,I know when I shoot,I will hit what I want,where I want, when I want. Takin a few deer w/a 45 LC da revolver, also. I know animals don`t shoot back. My Vietnam(2 tours) experience,and a couple things after, taught me a few things about myself,under fire.

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