[Review] The Cheap, "Crushable" Tool That "Ups" Your At-Home Training
  • My Team Member Tested Several Dry-Fire Targets And He Couldn’t Stop Raving About This One…

    Nothing beats an in-person testimonial when it comes to telling whether  a product you buy from the Internet is right for you, which is why THIS testimonial means a lot.

    It comes from one of my own Warrior Life staff members, Buck Greene, who saw one of our interviews with Mike Ox, the “Mad Scientist of Gunfight Training,” and wanted to see one of those products for himself.

    Ox says you should spend about 80% of your gunfight training time at home, doing dry fire, and that was right up Buck’s alley, because where he lives he can’t easily go to a range for live-fire.

    If he wants to train, he’s got to do it at home… and while he has his own “tactical funhouse” set up in his basement for more extensive airsoft training, he wanted something he could use for dry-fire right in his office (like when he’s on Zoom calls with me, ha ha).

    That’s where Ox and his collapsible dry fire target turned out to be the perfect solution for Buck, and he sent me the photos you see in this article.

    “This target made my dry-fire training ‘not suck,’ as Ox likes to say,” Buck told me. “And it made it a LOT more fun, for three reasons.”

    “One, it makes set up a breeze, because I can just pop the target up literally anyone in there office. It stands on its own, so I can put it on the floor, or I can set it on my desk or a nearby table or even my bookshelves.”

    “Two, this is a “formal” target with all kinds of zones and shapes that I can do with many different drills, including the ones on Ox’s dry fire cards, so things never get boring.”

    “And three, it absolutely translates to “real world” shooting because it has human silhouette targets on it. So I hit all the ‘three bases’ of dry fire target shooting… and when I’m done, I fold it up and hang it in my closet.”

    No matter what dry fire drills you use, make sure that you hit all of those “three bases” that Buck referred to.

    Your dry fire “shooting” has to be easy to set up and tear down, it has to be fun, and it has to translate to “real world” shootings (or your training time is wasted for self-defense).

    Mike Ox’s collapsible target definitely does those three things for you, but there are other options, too.

    Oh, and if you want to watch a quick video about it, here’s my own 2-minute review.


    Leave your dry fire drill and equipment tips in the comments below and let me know what you think!

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