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Dry Fire Handgun Drill: Shooting Moving Targets

Gun fights don’t happen at a stand-still.

Your uninvited meth-addict house guest is going to be moving – trying to shoot YOU while making sure your bullets aren’t hitting HIM.

So why then do most people train with a static target at the range that doesn’t even move?

In David Morris’s “Dry Fire Training Cards“, he goes over ways you can overcome this challenge (even in your own home).

Here’s one he gave me that I’ve tried in my living room and it works amazing…

He calls it “Lunge & Shoot” and it combines solid fundamentals, exercise, and cutting-edge concepts…all in one!

Here’s how to do it…

“Lunge & Shoot” Dry-Fire Handgun Drill

  1. First, make sure you’re using a safe training weapon like a plastic gun, SIRT, or dry-fire weapon with “snap-caps”.
  2. Set up a small 2-8″ target about 10-20 feet away (like on the wall in your home)
  3. From a standing position, draw your weapon from its holster and engage the target.
  4. Now, with your sights still on the target, do a series of “lunges” (basically stepping waaay forward with one leg and let your rear knee touch the ground) and engage your target at all stages of the lunge:Midway as you’re stepping into the lunge
    When your rear knee is on ground
    On the way back up to standing position
    And again when you’re standing up
  5. Holster your weapon and repeat the drill with your opposite leg – engaging at all stages again – and keep alternating while maintaining your sights on your target.

Note:  As you make progress, combine this “movement exercise” with some of the other 54 dry-fire training cards

Here’s Why This Dry-Fire Shooting Exercise Works So Well…

You see, in order to keep a good sight picture on a small target across a room while lunging, it almost requires you to shut off the left side of your brain (the “thinking” side).

When that happens, it’s like flipping a switch – you’re “in the zone” – and you literally program your brain to maintain a steadier sight picture, even while engaging a moving meth-addict paying you an unexpected visit.

Now be sure not to rush this drill, ok?

You’re developing neural pathways/muscle memory and it’s VITAL that you practice and lock in sound technique.

Give one of these dry-fire training exercises a try and I know you’ll see a drastic improvement in your shooting accuracy!

What Other Dry-Fire Training Exercises
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