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3 New Pistol Training Tips To SHOOT FASTER & More Accurate!

When it comes to a real gunfight, “speed” is one of the most critical factors in whether you live or die.

You already knew that, right?

But if you’re like most people I see down at the range, you’re not exactly training for “speed” as much as you are for accuracy.

Oh sure… accuracy does count – a lot – because if your round doesn’t hit your attacker, he’s not going to stop his attack.

Plus, you’re accountable for every one of those rounds – where they go and WHO they hit.

But the Holy Grail of fighting with a gun is in how skilled you are at getting as many rounds into your attacker to stop him… as QUICKLY as possible, so…

Here Are 3 New Pistol Training Tips To Shoot Fast & Accurate In A Real Gunfight…

New Pistol Training Drills To Shoot Fast And Accurate

1. “Remove” your rear sight.

I just got this tip from my buddy Nate Seabrook – a high-threat overseas security contractor (who got it from a Delta weapons trainer) – and it’s made a huge difference in my “combat shooting” speed…

Basically all you have to do is “black out” your rear sight so that all your eyes see when your gun is raised is the front sight.

This pretty much eliminates your brain’s tendency to try to line up both sights for an accurate shot and thereby drastically reduces your reaction time in getting your first round off – the most important round for you to get “lead into meat” as fast as possible.

But what about the speed and accuracy of your follow-up rounds?

Well, what I’ve discovered is that by combining this simple modification with Tip #3 (below), I’ve been able to naturally pull in my shot groups – even for fast follow-ups – almost like magic.

More on that in a few seconds…

2. Progressive “Interval Training”

Shooting fast – and still being able to hit your target – isn’t “instinctual” like you would think it is.

You can’t just pull the trigger faster.

It takes methodical “programming” of your brain AND your body in order to work WITH your gun’s recoil.

In other words, you need to form a “relationship” with your firearm where you learn every curve of its body – every “breath” it takes when it’s sending rounds down-range… and where all of its “sweet spots” are when you ramp up the speed but still need to hit dead aim.

The best way I’ve found to do this is to use “interval training” with a shot-timer when shooting.

(Ok, this isn’t exactly “new”, but I never see anyone actually training with one – so if you’re not using it, then this is a new kick in the pants for you!)

Basically, in order for your brain to wire in the proper “speed shooting” dynamics, you need to begin with a foundational “constant”.

It goes without saying that this includes stance, body positioning, etc. (but I’m saying it anyway)… but by using a shot timer, you’re creating a constant shooting interval that allows you to pull in ALL the other factors to match the speed you want to get to.

Start out with a longer interval – like 2 seconds – and work your way down in time as you gain accuracy.

Once you start getting sloppy with your shots, stay there and analyze what’s happening with each shot AS it’s happening.

There’s really only one way to get this kind of “instant feedback” though…

3. Bio-Feedback “Hyper-Active” Targets

I switched over to these targets about a year ago and I’ve never looked back.

Hyperactive Range TargetsBasically, these look like your basic black targets except that they have a 2nd layer underneath them that instantly shows your shot-placement – even from a distance.

While the “color” of your shot-placement is a great indicator of whether you’re accurate enough to stop your attacker in the least number of rounds, the very best part for me is that – combined with the 2 other training tips above – the “instant bio-feedback” your brain gets as your rounds are hitting really IS like programming your brain-body connection in real time.

This doesn’t work with regular paper targets (or even steel targets) – only with these “hyper-active targets”.

And the thing is, you don’t even have to take your eyes off of your front sight (which happens a LOT with other training targets).

Your “hits” just naturally register in your brain and allow you to adjust your speed and control almost like magic.

It’s weird… but it works!

You can actually get some free samples of these specialized “hyper-active” targets from the National Gun Owners Association here…

I’m sure that even if you only combine Tip #1 with these targets, you’re going to see an amazing difference in your “combat speed & accuracy”.

Add in the shot-timer next and you’ll blow away your buddies down at the range!

Have Any Other Range Training Drill To Shoot Fast & Accurate?

Please Share Your Best Pistol Training Tips Below Now…

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