A Simple Way To Master Any Shooting Skill Twice As Fast
  • The “Alpha Secret” Used By Spec-Ops Soldiers To Master Any Gun Skill TWICE As Fast!

    What if this were true…

    What if going to the gun range with your pistol actually made you a WORSE shooter… LESS prepared… and put you and your family in even MORE danger than if you didn’t go at all?

    I know that sounds hard to believe, but hear me out because it’s true – and I can prove it to you.

    Not only that, but I’m going to show you a technique that will literally DOUBLE your shooting speed and pull your shot-groups in TWICE as tight.

    Not only that, when you use this technique, you’re going to see FASTER results… you’ll spend LESS time training… and save a LOT more of your hard-earned dough.

    AND – get this… you can do it without even firing a single round!

    How To Master ANY Shooting Skill TWICE As Fast – Without Even Going To The Range…

    I know, I know…

    You’ve probably read a bazillion articles from a magillion “gun experts” that you need to push 5,000 – 10,000 rounds down-range to be able to master a shooting skill, right?

    Wrong. And here’s why…

    You see, when you go shooting at your local gun range, every single time you pull the trigger, your brain gets this tiny little jolt of feel-good hormones spiked into it as a result.

    This is like a little “reward” to the pleasure centers of your brain and it’s kinda the scientific reason why we find shooting a gun so damn fun.

    But there’s a problem here…

    You see, this “pleasure hormone cocktail” rewards the brain whether you’re performing a skill spot-on perfect – or your technique is as sloppy as a soup sandwich!

    What that means is, the more you perform the technique WRONG (which of course happens when you’re learning a new skill)… the more you’re “rewarded” for DOING it wrong.

    As a result, your brain begins to literally “program” itself like a computer that your poor technique is actually a GOOD thing (ie. the RIGHT way to shoot).

    Even worse, this hormone “cocktail” acts sorta like “cement” – making the BAD technique stick deep, deep, deep into your brain.

    And when it’s there, it’s actually HARDER for you to un-learn the WRONG way of doing things and develop the proper technique that you’re trying to master.

    Think of it like training a puppy…

    When a puppy pees on the rug, do you give him a treat and pat him on the head?

    Of course not.

    Rewarding his bad behavior only programs him to do MORE of the “bad” behavior.

    The more little treats… the more he wags his tail and pees on the rug to get more treats, right?

    Well this is the same thing that happens at the gun range when you’re trying to “learn” a new shooting skill.

    Now, some firearms trainers call this a “training scar” – and they’re right – but most don’t understand the science behind it – nor the secret to overcoming it.

    So what IS this training secret?

    It’s simple really…

    It’s a technique called, “alpha training” and it’s the same method used by champion shooters, special operations personnel, and even Olympic athletes to reach “elite level”.

    In other words, the technique I’m going to show you has been PROVEN to be more effective – in both competition AND combat for years!

    Best of all, this “alpha training” DOESN’T force you to go to a gun range.

    It happens right in your own home, using a special “dry-fire” method.

    That means, not only will it DOUBLE your learning speed and help you retain the skill longer… but with today’s ammo costs, it’s going to save you a TON of dough at the same time!

    Now the science of the entire “alpha training system” is way too detailed to go into here, but here’s a simple breakdown of some core steps you can take right now to quicken the pace of your learning…

    1. Your training sessions MUST be limited to only 15 minutes (preferably less).

    That includes the “learning” of a technique AND the actual training.

    This is because your brain’s ability to retain short-term information input drops significantly after that – meaning it has to dump information you just learned to make room for more of the information you’re trying to cram into it.

    Makes sense, right?

    2. All your movements MUST start out “super slow”.

    I’m talking like a “snail’s pace” slow.

    It’s the actual movement you’re trying to master – NOT the speed.

    Speed under stress isn’t a problem – it’ll happen naturally… but only IF your technique flow is mastered first!

    3. You only want to train one session every 24 hours.

    That’s it.

    No more!

    You see, with shorter, slower sessions – at only once per day – you give your brain time to “digest” the information you just gave it.

    Then, it converts your training into your “long-term memory” so it’s an actual skill you can own.

    NOW when you go to the range, you’re already primed for performing the skill the CORRECT way, right?

    So every time you pull the trigger, guess what happens…

    Right, NOW – with every pull of your trigger – your brain gets a hormone “cocktail reward” for the CORRECT technique and this gets “cemented” deep it into your long-term memory.

    In other words, if you’re ever attacked in real life, you don’t even have to think about drawing… aiming… proper grip… trigger squeeze… or anything else.

    It all just happens instinctively as the skills you just mastered are automatically pulled from your long-term memory.

    Now, some shooting skills are much more complex than others, right?

    Things like clearing a jam… tactical reloads… shooting from alternative positions… etc.

    These tasks must first be broken down into individual “sub-tasks” and trained step-by-step – each element receiving its OWN focused training segment.

    But again, the same principles apply: No training longer than 15 minutes… using “dry-fire” technique at home… not more than once per day.

    Now a word of warning here…

    Breaking your training up into these short, one-a-day segments is going to seem “too short” and “not often enough” to really learn anything.

    When you start, I can almost promise you that you’ll be itching to do all the training at once, thinking you’re “advanced” enough to move on.

    RESIST the urge!

    Trust me when I tell you that you’re only setting yourself up for bad technique and slower learning.

    If it makes it any easier for you, here’s a 21-day video training agenda that walks you through the entire “alpha training” system…

    These videos are from one of my most respected instructors and I used them to walk me through an entire training regimen in less than a month.

    The videos do all the work for you – acting as an in-home trainer – and all you have to do is watch the short video for that day and follow the instructions.

    It doesn’t get any easier than that – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a long-time shooter.

    But I’ll tell you that this IS a “pistol course”, so if you only own a rifle or shotgun, then the program isn’t for you.

    But if you want to learn faster and see better progress with a handgun – especially if you carry “concealed”, then it will definitely blow you away.

    For ME, at the end of the 21 days, I was able to draw from my holster MUCH faster… my sights were automatically on-target (without having to “aim”)… and I was able to FINALLY get my reloads down to nearly one second.

    I’d love to hear your own results if you end up signing up for the online course.

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