Revealed: The #1 (Weird) Gun-Training Secret Of The World's TOP SHOOTER!

Revealed: The #1 (Weird) Gun-Training Secret Of The World’s TOP SHOOTER!

The next time you go to the gun range, how would you like to hear everyone to the left and right of you saying…

…”Holy sh*t! Look at that guy shoot!”

Well, I’m about to unload an incredible tip from a guy who’s been known as “the world’s top shooter” and he says that THIS one thing is the main reason he was able to dominate the shooting world.

I’m also going to share an even better way to use this method to protect yourself and your loved ones in a real gunfight – but more on that in a minute. First, here’s…

The #1 (Weird) Gun Training Secret Of The World’s Top Shooter

Dry Fire Training Tip And Exercise

SFC Keith Sanderson – an Army & Marine infantryman – skyrocketed to stardom as the world’s “top shooter” – winning an unprecedented 3 medals in three World Cups and taking home serious metal in every Olympics since 2008 (including the 2016 Olympics).

You’d think that kind of superstar would keep his shooting secrets to himself, right?

Well, SFC Anderson actually gave up his #1 secret in an interview – and it’s going to come as a huge shock to most of you “gun guys” out there…

… “Dry-Fire”!

Now WAIT… before you click away, I’m going to share with you one of Sanderson’s favorite dry-fire drills that HE says helped him the most… and how YOU can steal this trick yourself to start taking your shooting to the next level – starting today!

What’s crazy is that Sanderson says that in between his Olympic domination and 2 World Cups (only a six month period) – and even though he had UNLIMITED access to a gun range and ammo – he only fired less than 500 rounds of live fire!

The rest of the time he trained using nothing but dry-fire exercises!

In fact, he says that even today, he does 100 “rounds” of dry fire for every 1 live fire round and…

Here’s SFC Sanderson’s Best Dry-Fire Exercise To Become A Better Shooter Today…

Ok… Sanderson says that your GRIP on your weapon is one of the most ignored accuracy factors that can make you a better shooter, so he practices what he calls “static holding drills”:

He does this drill BEFORE he does any other dry-fire drills in order to build-up his skills.

  • First, take up a proper stance and grab your (safe) dry-fire gun with the proper grip – as HARD as you possibly can.
  • Grip the hell out of your weapon for 1 full minute. (He says, if you’re not sweating… you’re not holding it hard enough!)
  • Then rest for 2 minutes.
  • Repeat 7 more times.

That’s it!

Sanderson says that it’s best to do this 6-8 times a day for 5-6 days in a row to build up your “grip muscles”.

Now that may seem like “hard work” to you, but it’s not… and besides, watch and see how well you shoot the next time you’re at the range, eh?

And even better… watch how OTHER people notice how well you’re shooting! 

Here’s How To Steal The Most Jealously-Guarded Secrets Of The World’s Top Shooters…

SFC Sanderson isn’t the only “top shooter” to say that dry-fire is the ultimate training practice.

My friend Ron Avery told me his #1 secret is also the training he does outside of the range.

And he’s not just a top competition shooter – he’s also a former cop with 25 years on the force!

Now if THAT doesn’t convince you that THE #1 secret to becoming a better shooter is in doing simple drills in your home, then nothing will!

You don’t need a fancy range… expensive gun… or bricks and bricks of costly ammo.

All you need is to know which dry-fire drills will help you master these skills and I promise you’ll be better trained than ANY of the “range nerds” that are training inefficiently.

But here’s the thing (and it’s absolutely CRITICAL you understand this)…

As much as I respect SFC Sanderson for his achievements… training for the Olympics and other “sport” shooting matches ISN’T the same as training for personal or home defense.

In fact, some of the training you do for sport shooting can actually create what we call “training scars” that can literally put your life in danger in a real gunfight!

If your main goal is to prepare for a life-or-death gunfight to protect yourself and your family, then you’re gonna want to check out my friend, Ox’s, “21-Day Alpha Shooter” gunfighting dry-fire course instead (you can check out his “at home” gunfight training videos here…)

This “gunfight-based” online video course is specifically designed to work into even the busiest schedule – with each session taking only about 3-5 minutes each.

Not a lot of time… but you’ll be blown away at how quickly you see real results!

Just remember… these drills are designed for PERSONAL & HOME DEFENSEnot “sport”!

That’s what you’re looking for, correct?

This type of training – done right in your home – makes it the most realistic “gunfight training” you can possibly do outside of some tactical course that will cost you thousands of dollars.

Look, don’t be one of those nerdy “range shooters” who think that just because they can get a 1″ shot-group into a static paper target down at the local (relaxed) gun range, that you’re “prepared” for a real gunfight.

You’re not.

But fortunately you CAN become a better protector of yourself and those you love using simple video-instruction gunfight drills you can do right in your home.

In my book – if you’re serious about self-protection – this is a freakin’ no-brainer.

What’s Your Best Dry-Fire Training Exercise You Can Do At Home?

Please Share Your Training Tip Below Now…

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