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Your Best Gun-Training Practice Plan Ever! [WL 198]

Has this ever happened to you…

You FINALLY get some time to hit the local gun range… you grab your trusty smokewagon and a bucket-o-bullets… put your name on the list for a lane… and then wonder…

…”Gosh! What should I train on today?”

I know it’s happened to me in the past.

Probably you too, right?

Well, in this week’s podcast episode, my buddy (and “gun-training mad scientist”), Ox, is going to share his best advice for how to design the best firearms training plan to meet your personal self-protection goals!

Design The PERFECT Gun-Training Plan!

How To Design The Best Tactical Firearms Training Plan!
How To Design The Best Tactical Firearms Training Plan!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • What Navy SEAL’s, top law-enforcement, and military operatives have to say about what percentage of your time should be spent on what type of firearms training!
  • How to make ALL your gun training more realistic by using *these* simple, safe “stress-amplifiers”!
  • 2 free “dry-fire drills” you can use right away to prepare for a real gunfight!
  • The poor man’s “force-on-force” training”: Simple ways to train for a real gunfight… against REAL human beings!
  • Live-Fire! Exactly what you need to work on the next time you hit the local gun range to sharpen your skills… AND save a ton of time and moolah!

No more guess-work!

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail… and this week you’ll have all you need to map out your “gunfight mastery” training regimen!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What’s Your Favorite Type Of Firearms Training You Do?

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