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218 – Pocket Pistol Tactics For Concealed Carry

Micro-gun… mouse gun… “get off me gun”…

A lot of gun owners poo-poo the pocket pistol as being too small and not having enough stopping power to be used in a self-defense shooting.

Unfortunately, they misunderstand the POWER of the pocket pistol for the responsibly-armed citizen.

But this week, I hope to make believers out of you hold-outs yet as I share why you should add a pocket pistol to your concealed carry arsenal, along with a few nifty tips on making them a true thug-stopping powerhouse!


Concealed Carry Pocket Pistol Techniques
Are Pocket Pistols Effective As A Concealed Carry Weapon?

  • “No stopping power!”and other myths of the mouse-gun!
  • When I actually PREFER a pocket-pistol as my back-up gun!
  • The #1 micro-gun mistake made by womentheir husbands… and even 1 gun-store owner I talked with!
  • The only 2 holsters I recommend for your “get off me gun” (and one of them isn’t even a “holster”)!
  • The answer to exactly “WHERE should I carry my pocket pistol?”. (WARNING: My answer is the opposite of what 95% of other tactical instructors will tell you – but I think you’ll agree with my reasons why.)

I have  strong feeling that if you don’t currently own a pocket pistol for personal defense, this episode will make sure you add it right at the top of this year’s Christmas list!

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Do You Own A Pocket Pistol For Personal Defense?

Please Share What You’re Packing… And Your Best Pocket Pistol Tips Below Now…

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