Concealed Carry News - Carjacking Victim Shoots Back. Goes To JAIL!

[CCW News] Concealed Carry Carjacking “Victim” Shoots Back. . . Goes To JAIL!

It was the perfect place for a carjacking…

The dim lights in front of the local 24-hour convenience store provided perfect cover for a 5 am ambush on some unsuspecting victim pulling in for some gas or a gallon of milk.

But just in case, 28 y.o. Jermaine Johnson brought along his “partner in crime”, 23 y.o. Kaisson Lewis to make sure the odds were stacked in their favor.

They didn’t have to wait long…

Unaware of the danger that was waiting for him, a young man driving a shiny new Mercedes SUV pulled up to the store.

Johnson and Lewis took their chance – guns drawn – and rushed the vehicle, demanding the keys to the SUV from the startled driver.

Little did they know, but the driver had a concealed carry license… and wasn’t afraid to use his gun!

Instinctively drawing his firearm, the sight of the driver’s gun sent the carjacking thugs scrambling as fast as they could back to their vehicle to escape the counterattack.

But the driver – still reeling from the shock of the attack – decided the best defense was an “armed offense”.

As Johnson and Lewis raced to start the vehicle and take off, the driver began firing at their car as fast as possible through their back window – striking Johnson in the midsection and Lewis in the head.

Both criminals were pronounced dead on the scene.

And the driver?

“Cuffed and stuffed” in the back of a police car… facing a murder charge!

How This “Victim” Became The Criminal… And The 1 Simple Act You Should Take NOW To Avoid His Same Fate!

Concealed Carry Carjacking Tips
Was It A “Self-Defense” Shooting? You Decide…

Now I know what you’re thinking…

The driver didn’t ASK to be a “victim” that early morning when he pulled into the small store parking lot, right?

I mean, as far as I’m concerned, no one should have to fear for their life when heading out to pump some gas or grab a loaf of bread, don’t you agree?

And hey… 2 more thugs off the street means 2 less dirtbags who could jump my wife in some dark parking lot.

But as we say in our “Bulletproof Defense” DVD

… “our legal system ISN’T about ‘justice’… it’s about the LAW – plain and simple!”

And the Mercedes driver – even though he was the “victim” in this scenario – did NOT follow the law… and now he’s paying the ultimate price.

Look, you may feel like the driver didn’t do anything wrong… or maybe you DO realize that his actions went above and beyond how he was legally allowed to defend himself.

Either way, it’s always easy to pass judgement when you’re sitting in your nice comfy chair at home reading this story rather than pulling up to a gas pump and having two badass looking dudes shove a gun barrel in your face as you wonder if this is the last moments you’ll ever see on this Earth.

But I promise you that a jury is NOT going to be able to hear what you heard… see what you saw… or feel the fear you felt in that very moment.

What they’re going to hear in the courtroom is Johnson’s sister take the stand to tell the jury what a loving, caring brother he was, who just became a ‘new daddy’ the month before this gun-nut whack job went berserk and shot him to death as he was only trying to get back home to his family.”

I know… makes me sick too…

… but the law is the law – and law says the driver was in the wrong.

Unfortunately, this is a relatively common story – even among the most responsibly armed citizens.

That’s why we’re giving away our Bulletproof Defense DVD for FREE to all legal gun-owners who care about protecting their families before, during, and AFTER a forced-shooting incident.

You see, no matter how tight your shot-group is down at the range, those skills that will help you survive an ambush attack won’t do you a bit of good if you just make one tiny mistake that a prosecuting attorney can jump on to make an example out of you.

That’s where the FREE “Bulletproof Defense” DVD comes in…

By simply WATCHING the DVD, you not only discover the “sneaky tricks” that can be used against you in a courtroom… but you have the PROOF you need to show a jury that your actions were legal – and (this is important) that you KNEW they were legal at the time you pulled the trigger.

It all comes down to something called the “Reasonable Man Doctrine” and if you don’t know it inside and out, trust me… it can literally mean the difference between going home to your family after your defense… or spending the rest of your days in an 8×8 cement cell with your new “girlfriend” Moon Dog!

There’s too much you need to know for me to cover it all in this one email.

Go ahead and watch my video now to get all the details and claim your free DVD while it’s still available…

What Other Common Concealed Carry “Self Defense” Mistakes Do You Think Gun-Owners Often Make (At Their Own Peril)?

Please Share Your Best Insights Below Now…

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