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MCS 231 – Concealed Carry Extra Ammo: Do You REALLY Need It?

The statistics don’t lie…

According to real gunfight reports, the average number of shots fired in a self-defense shooting is only about 4 bullets!

So why then do “tactical gurus” say you should carry an extra magazine (or speedloader) of ammunition on you for your concealed handgun?

I mean, even if you live in California, that 10-round limit is more than TWICE what the average person would need to defend him/herself.

Hell… even if you’re an old-timer with a “wheel gun”, that revolver holds more than you’ll need, right?!

(No hate mail for my “old-timer” reference please. I’m in my 50’s and carry a .357 “gom” revolver myself. 🙂 hahaha

In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll personally tackle this debate with a reality-check every gun owner needs to consider.


Concealed Carry Spare Magazine Tips
Do You Carry Extra Ammo For Your Concealed Handgun? Do You Need To?


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How criminals REALLY attack! (Hint: It’s not always the way you’re training for down at the range!)
  • Are you overestimating your skills… your “mind-set”… AND your weapon? Compare your current tactical status with these “no b.s.” realities of a gunfight I share with you!
  • The “Dead Man’s 10-Seconds”! Hollywood could be programming you for a fatal mistake!
  • The “Barney Fife Bullet”: How a close-combat attack could leave you with only one bullet to get the job done!
  • 4 ways to hide your “backup bullets” if you so choose! (My personal favorite is #4.)


Are YOU walking out your front door prepared… or paranoid?

I’ll help you decide… and take action!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:


Do YOU Carry Extra Ammo For Your Concealed Handgun?  How… And How Much?

Please Share Your Best “Spare Mag” Advice In The Comments Below Now…

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