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(Concealed Carry) Navy SEAL “Speed Shooting” Dry-Fire Drill

When you’re forced to draw your concealed firearm to save your life, your goal is to engage your attacker out as far as possible – BEFORE he can take your head off your shoulders or sink a knife deep into your gut.

Given that you first have to clear your weapon… get it out of the holster… present your firearm… and still somehow manage to get your sights onto his “stopping zone”, you may only have a fraction of a second to make sure that first shot is deadly accurate.

One of your biggest challenges is going to be…

…finding your front sight
…lining up your sights on your gun
…re-aligning them onto your attacker
…and then re-focusing on your front sight for the shot

That’s a lot to do when you’re facing an attacker charging at you with death in his eyes, and here’s a great tip from retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch

Dry-Fire Drill To Engage Your Target Faster… And Survive!

Navy SEAL Speed Shooting Dry Fire Drill

This simple training tactic will help you develop a lightning-quick sight picture that could save your life:

  • Either with a safe dry-fire or training pistol (or at the range), start by holding your pistol at full extension with your sights aligned on a target.
  • Now, gradually pull your pistol 8-12 inches towards your eyes while keeping your sights aligned on your target (as if there’s a rail going from your dominant eye to your target and your pistol sights are rolling along the rail).
  • Once you’ve pulled in 8-12 inches, push back out.
  • Then repeat the pull-back… push-forward… and so on.

That’s it!

This is called “Push-Pull Along The Rail” and this powerful concealed carry training tactic can be found in Lesson 3 of Larry’s 9 1/2 hour DVD course, Concealed Carry Masters’ Course.

If you practice this drill on a regular basis, it WILL make you a much faster, more accurate shooter!

From now on, as you’re drawing or extending your pistol from a compressed hold, try to get your sights “on the rail” as soon in your draw-stroke as possible.

When you bring your pistol back in from full extension, consciously keep it “on the rail” for as long as possible.

In no time at all, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to rush a shot, converge your eyes from your target to your front sight while you’re still extending… see that you’re in perfect alignment… and release an accurate shot before you even reach full extension.

What Other “Speed Shooting” Drills Have You Found Helpful?

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