MCS 245 - Defending A Spouse And Loved Ones From A Street Attack!
  • MCS 245 – Defending A Spouse And Loved Ones From A Street Attack!

    Concealed Carry Tactics For Protecting Loved Ones
    How To Protect Your Spouse With A Firearm In An Attack!

    Feeling pretty confident about protecting yourself with your firearm?

    Ok… but how about if you were attacked with your spouse or children next to your side?

    The strategies you use to plan for… train… and respond to an armed attack when someone you love is in the line of fire can be very different than if you were alone.

    In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll share 3 ways to change your concealed carry training to be a better “protector” for those you love.

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    Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

    • How my 17 y.o. son’s “walk in the park” turned into a great big wake-up call for “step 1” in responding to a potential threat when accompanied by a loved one.
    • The “PDA mistake” many couples make that will short-circuit your lightning-fast drawstroke… and how to fix it!
    • Your spouse’s “action plan” when you’re ambushed by a violent criminal! (Hint: It’s the exact OPPOSITE of how most will naturally respond!)
    • Why you should re-think you’re concealed carry drawstroke when with your loved ones! (Our pressure-testing gave us a whole new way to look at getting to our gun!)
    • The next time you go to the range, reserve a good 25-50 rounds for *this* skill that most shooters never practice!  (I’ll even show you how!)

    If all you’re training for is to protect yourself in an attack, your concealed carry training is woefully incomplete.

    Follow the 3 quick-tips I’ll share this week and your family will be instantly safer on the streets!

    Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

    What OTHER Concealed Carry Tactics Will Help Protect Loved Ones When Attacked?

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