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Concealed Carry Tips: Woman’s Gun Vs. 2 Kidnappers! (3 CCW Lessons. . .)

“I have this… and I’m NOT afraid to use it!”

Those were the words 62 y.o. Dinah Burns shouted out as she drew here concealed firearm on two thugs – one armed with a baseball bat.

What happened next has some life-saving lessons for the responsibly armed citizen…

It all began one Monday evening while Dinah was walking her dog Gracie on the trail near the local elementary school in Lancaster, Ohio as she had done for over 26 years.

Suddenly, the two men came out of the woods and told her…

… “You’re coming with us!”

Fortunately, Dinah didn’t depend on her dog to protect her from these attackers and had just recently obtained her concealed carry permit.

And this evening, she was packing!

While distracting the two men with conversation, Dinah slipped her hand into her pocket, drawing her firearm and switching off the safety.

The man with the bat didn’t think she had the guts to pull the trigger and started to approach her.

As Dinah uttered her final warning to these thugs, they suddenly realized she was serious and ran off.

This Attempted Abduction Ended Well For Dinah – But Here Are 3 Concealed Carry Tips You MUST Take Away From Her Scary Attack…

Concealed Carry Story Abduction
How would you react in this concealed carry attack story?

While Dinah made all the right moves and escaped with her life, she’s more the “exception” than the “rule”… even among so-called “experienced” gun-owners!

Check out these shocking findings…

In recent survey conducted with gun-owners who carry concealed, they were asked, “How often do you carry a firearm?”.

A staggering 47% mentioned they only carry “occasionally” or “not at all”.

Being a “sheepdog” protector myself, I found this number to be hard to swallow by itself… but that’s not the worst part…

Even MORE interesting are the reasons why they don’t carry:

“It’s uncomfortable!”
“I only carry when I think I need to.”
“Our neighborhood is more secure than most.”
“I need more training to feel confident.”

Be honest… have you ever said any one of these statements to yourself in the past?

I’ll admit that I have.

But where do you think Dinah would be right now if she had left her home that one fateful evening without her firearm?

Stuffed in the bushes somewhere? Raped… beaten… bleeding… dying… with no help on the way?

Here are 3 lessons from Dinah’s experience I hope YOU will consider before you ever leave your house without your weapon again…

1. “The First Rule Of Gunfighting…”

The legendary Jeff Cooper said it best: “The first rule of gunfighting… have a gun”.

If you own a weapon, get your carry license.

If you have a concealed carry license… carry it!

‘Nuff said.

2. The Most Familiar Places Can Be The Most Dangerous!

People naturally let their guard down in areas that are familiar to them.

After all… it’s been “safe” for the last 10 years, why would tonight be any different?

Until it IS different!

Dinah was in a familiar place just walking her dog as she had done for over 26 years without a single incident.

All it took was one single night out of 26 years that would have traumatized her forever – or taken her life in an instant!

3. Don’t Count On A “Warning”!

In this story, the two men weren’t afraid of a fight from a “woman”.

Older, physically weaker and outnumbered, these men took her to be an easy target and gave her plenty of reaction time to get to her gun.

If you’re a woman, don’t think you’ll always get that kind of accommodation.

If you’re a guy, you most likely aren’t going to get ANY accommodation!

Criminals aren’t looking for a fight – which is why they travel in pairs (or packs) and will come out of nowhere to ambush you with no warning.

When that happens, you’d damn well better be trained and ready.

Unfortunately, most of what’s out there for “gunfighting tactics” aren’t based on real-world, life-or-death scenarios.

That’s why we analyzed over 200 real-life gunfights and offer a free report on the cold, hard truth about what it REALLY takes to stop a violent attacker with your gun.

If you’re not following these principles, you’re setting yourself up for a potentially traumatic wake-up call… that could cost you your life!

What Other Self-Defense Lessons Can You Draw From Dinah’s Attack?

Please Share Your Best Concealed Carry Handgun Tips Below Now…

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