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(Video) Armed Cop Learns A Hard Lesson About Handgun “Stopping Power”

Have you ever heard this before on the news?

A violent criminal is shot by a police officer (or officers) multiple times, and there will be a public outcry from all sorts of “civil rights groups”, screaming…

…”Why did the police have to shoot him so many times?!”

Of course there are sometimes cases of cops using excessive force to handle an attacker – including unnecessary shootings.

But you’re about to witness for yourself what the “gun haters” will never understand – and it all starts with this video that illustrates…

(Caught On Video) The Most Common Gunfighting Myth… That Can One Day End Your Life!

One of the biggest myths about guns according to the uneducated public (as well as jury members brainwashed by Hollywood movies) is the “1-shot” stopping power of a handgun.

Yes, there are plenty of cases where one bullet has “stopped” an attacker – but these are mainly “psychological stops” where the aggressor recognizes he’s been shot… and consciously decides he doesn’t want any more holes in him, so he stops his attack.

That’s not what I’m talking about… and it’s NOT what you should be prepared for.

The only way to stop a threat with a handgun is to keep shooting until the threat stops!

If he doesn’t stop… you don’t stop pulling the trigger.

However, as we say in our “Advanced Stopping Power Secrets” report, a handgun is a relatively ineffective weapon against a human-sized aggressor – ESPECIALLY when your attacker is bigger, stronger, heavily-clothed, determined to kill, and/or hyped up on drugs!

Here’s what you MUST understand…

A gun is not a gun, is not a gun.

In other words, not all handguns (and bullets) are created equal and you might be surprised at how your own weapon choice stacks up under real-world gunfight stories.

If you don’t have a copy of this report, I highly suggest you download and devour this critical life-saving guide for how to boost your handgun’s stopping power.

It will mean the difference between life or death should you be forced to use your weapon to defend yourself or someone you love.

What Other “Myths” Or “Mistakes” Did You Notice In This Video?

Please Share Your Best Insights Below Now…

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