How To Choose The Best Airsoft Gun For Tactical Firearms Training At Home
  • How To Choose The Best Airsoft Gun For Tactical Firearms Training At Home

    Did you know you can get better firearms-training in your own HOME than you can down at the local live-fire range?

    I have an entire “home tactical range” based out of a section of my garage and my son and I have a blast honing our shooting skills.

    The gear and equipment you need is very easy to find and very inexpensive compared with live-fire costs.

    For example… when you’re looking for cheap tactical firearms training, one of your best options is to pick up an Airsoft gun.

    In case it’s new to you, Airsoft “guns” are relatively inexpensive replicas of real guns and they fire plastic pellets.

    Unfortunately, with all the popularity of airsoft these days, you’ll find a lot of crappy models on the market that scream “BUY ME” with their looks, but from a tactical perspective, they just plain suck.  So…

    Here’s How To Choose The Best Airsoft Gun For Tactical Firearms Training At Home

    1. Mirror Your Current Gun

    Whatever gun you carry on a daily basis is the one you will want to have experience with, right?

    I mean, it would be ridiculous to train with a Colt 1911 airsoft when you carry a Glock.

    Fortunately, most models of firearms have an airsoft version that’s almost identical to the real thing.

    But you’re not looking for the cheap “plastic” version of your weapon, so…

    2. Don’t Skimp On Price

    When it comes to your firearms training, you must understand that we’re talking about life-or-death here.

    Cheap plastic versions of airsoft guns are really not much more than toys.

    What you want is a “gas blow-back” version that has a more realistic “kick” to it.

    Plan on spending about $100 for this level of realism in the weapon as well as offering you at least some feeling of recoil.

    It’s well worth the extra few bucks.

    3. Multiple “Round” Capability

    In any self-defense scenario, you’re going to fire multiple shots to stop a threat.

    Some airsoft guns only fire one pellet at a time and need to be re-cocked.

    Choose one you that’s truly “semi-automatic” and can rapid fire in order to simulate a firefight more realistically.

    Airsoft training is a powerful training tool to help you survive a violent attack… but you gotta set yourself up right with the best equipment and the right drills…

    So let me take a moment to let you know my buddy Ox (the “Mad Scientist of Gun Training”) just released a brand new book called Real World Gunfight Training (it’s a real, physical book and it’s yours just for the $9.95 for S&H).

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    What’s YOUR Best Advice For Firearms Training At Home?

    Please Share Your Best Dry-Fire Training Tips Below Now…

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