MCS 164: An Israeli Spec-Ops High-Stress Shooting Drill

MCS 164: An Israeli Spec-Ops High-Stress Shooting Drill

What did you see the last time you went to the local gun range?My guess is that it was a line of shooters all taking slow, careful aim at a paper target 7-10 yards downrange, right?

But is that REALLY how you think you’ll be attacked?

In a real street attack, you can damn well be sure that some thug is going to be right up in “bad breath zone”… strike with no warning… your heart will be pounding in your chest… and your hands will be trembling as the shock hits you!

But fighting back may be your only option if your attacker isn’t satisfied with simply running off with your wallet.

So what’s the best way to make a stand… get to your gun… and engage your attacker in such a high-stress encounter?

Well, in this week’s podcast episode, former Israeli special forces soldier, Ron Grobman, will share a cool training tip you can use down at the local gun range to make your training more realistic!

HIGH-STRESS Shooting Tips From Israeli Spec-Ops!

Israeli Military Point Shooting Tips
Discover How This Israeli Spec-Ops Shooting Tip Can Make You A Better Gunfighter!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • What most shooters are getting completely WRONG down at the local gun range! Think back to your last trip to the range and I know you’ll recognize this common mistake!
  • A simple training drill you perform BEFORE you pull the trigger that will help you recreate that “I’m fighting for my life!” feeling that will make you twice as prepared for the real thing!

High-stress shooting is the only way to train for a real gunfight.

For further training, be sure to join us in the New World Patriot’s online training area as Ron shares his best tactics in an exclusive interview this week!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Training Tips Do YOU Have For High-Stress Shooting?

Please Share Your Best Reality-Based Firearms Training Tips Below Now…

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