MCS 215 - 5 "Military" Concealed Carry Lessons

MCS 215 – 5 “Military” Concealed Carry Lessons

What could a combat soldier possibly know about CIVILIAN concealed carry tactics?

Fair question.

I mean, there’s a big difference between the rules of engagement on a foreign battlefield and a criminal assault in a shopping mall parking lot, right?

Well, yes… but there’s a LOT the everyday Joe & Jane can learn from even the most obscure military training – IF you know where to look!

In this week’s podcast, I’ll share 5 little-known concealed carry lessons I learned while serving as an infantryman in the U.S. Army.


Military Concealed Carry Tips
Steal These Military Concealed Carry Tactical Tips!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • 2 ways this weird military “regulation” can save your life against a predatory (armed!) criminal! (Hint: I guarantee you’re making this common mistake that gets jumped on by Drill Sergeants on DAY 1 of basic training/boot camp!)
  • Which is more important in a self-defense shooting: Speed or Accuracy?  (My answer might surprise you!)
  • The “ambush counterattack move” that’s just as important for surviving a battle zone firefight as it is a parking lot hold-up!
  • What civilians don’t know about “multiple attacker engagement” that soldiers are forced to deal with on every mission!
  • Cow guts & concertina wire? Simple tips to make your concealed handgun training as realistic as possible (and none of them have anything to do with cows or barbed wire).

Even for the experienced shooter, these concealed carry tips will give you a different perspective on what it takes to survive a real gunfight on the street!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other “Military Lessons” Offer Great Training For A Real Gun Fight?

Please Share Your Best Concealed Carry & Tactical Tips Below Now…

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