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MCS 5 In 5 No. 2 – Jeff Johnsgaard (Firearms)

Jeff Johnsgaard 5 In 5 Q&A (Firearms)

We get so many questions at MCS Magazine that it’s hard to answer them all.

From survival to self-defense to guns and gear, and everything in between…

…we’re doing our best to get to as many of them as we can.

Each one of our 5 in 5 series presents five of your questions to one of our subject matter experts.

But here’s the thing:

They haven’t seen the questions before.

This is your chance to get a “hot take” on five questions for the most honest answers possible.

It isn’t just informative.

It’s also fun!

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson asks five firearms-related questions of shooting expert Jeff Johnsgaard, giving him 60 seconds to answer each one.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • What to do if you have your gun on someone, and they stop moving… but otherwise refuse to obey you!
  • Whether it’s better to practice slow, methodical shots, or go for speed drills instead.
  • How you should spend your time at the range to maximize your training benefits (and whether you should go to the range AT ALL).
  • The most effective pistol for a woman to carry.
  • The mystery of how your pinkie finger can screw up your shooting!

Don’t miss another great addition to our podcast schedule.

Get 5 answers in 5 minutes… and stay informed.

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