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MCS Podcast #106: The Perfect Dry-Fire Training Session

Ok, be honest…

Are you REALLY getting in as much firearms training as you’d like to?

Wait, let me put it another way…

Are you training as much as you SHOULD be – as much as you NEED to be – to one day protect yourself or someone you love from a violent attack?

Ok, trick question… because the answer should ALWAYS be “no”!

If you truly care about protecting yourself and your loved ones from an attack, you should never stop fine-tuning your shooting skills, right?

But the reality is, very few of us have the time, money, or enthusiasm to make it down to the live-fire center to send a few thousand rounds down range to master the tactics that could one day save your life.

The answer?

Use your own weapon (safely!) in your own home, using strategic dry-fire techniques to get you to the top of your game.

And this week, top competitive shooter and tactical trainer, Ron Avery, will help you design “the perfect dry-fire training session” to help you fine-tune your abilities to shoot faster… more accurate… and with more realism without an expensive trip to the gun range.

Next-Level Dry-Fire Training You Can Do At Home

Dry-Fire Training Drills For Firearms

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • The biggest myth “experienced shooters” fall prey to that actually holds them back from being the true “master” they think they are!
  • “But I’ll break my firing pin!” and other dry-fire myths, misinformation, and ridiculous goofs!
  • “The Perfect Dry-Fire Session”: How to set it up… what to work on… and exactly how to use it to become a better shooter and protector!
  • The “next level” – how to progress from fundamental shooting strategies to real-life tactical scenarios so you can have full confidence your skills will be there when you need them the most!

When a world-class shooter and tactical trainer tells you that dry-fire training is the secret to his success, you’d better believe it.

And when he shares his top dry-fire training tips for YOU to take action on… well… you’ll be pretty damn smart to use them!

What Other Dry-Fire Training Tips Do You Have That Will Help Others Become A Better Shooter?

Please Share Your Advice Below Now…

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