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MCS Podcast #112: The Path Of The Sheepdog With LTC. Dave Grossman

The “sheep” of our society live in a state of denial.

Despite the horror stories on the evening news, they choose to look the other way and – when it comes to their own safety – ignore the fact that there are wolves “outside” their door – opportunistic predators who prey on the weak through violence.

But then there’s you…

The kind of people who listen to our podcast and train with our programs are the “sheepdogs” of the world – the protectors.

However, being a “tactical sheepdog” means more than just owning a gun and giving claiming the nickname…

… it takes the right mindset… knowledge… skills… and equipment.

And this week, the legendary Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is here to help you with all four of these critical factors for walking the path of a true protector.

The Path Of The Sheepdog

Sheepdog Lifestyle With Dave Grossman

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • Sheepdog Crash-Course: Why the “sheep” need our protection more than ever… and how to face the wolves!
  • Anatomy of a “sheepdog” protector – the fundamental factors that separate you from the “wannabe’s” who only think they’re prepared to save their loved ones in a real attack!
  • The “sheepdog mind-set” and how to prepare your mental game to face each day with supreme confidence!
  • Training like a true protector so your skills will back up your conviction at the moment of truth when violence rears its ugly head your way!
  • The “tools” of the sheepdog – cutting edge advice on gadgets and gear that will back up your skills and make you even more prepared than ever to face the dangers outside your door!


As I always say…

…a new world of threats demands a new kind of Patriot!

The time is NOW to walk the talk.


Do YOU Walk The Path Of A Sheepdog?

Share What You Do On A Daily Basis To Walk The Talk…

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