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MCS 147: The Night Gunfight: Surviving A Low-Light Criminal Attack

I’m sure you’ve heard the FBI stats…

…80% of all criminal attacks occur in low-light environments.

It could be a dark parking lot ambush… or a nighttime home invasion… because criminals are smart enough to realize that in low-light they have a better chance of making you their victim and less chance of being identified for arrest.

Now let me ask you…

How well trained are YOU with your firearm for a nighttime attack?

If you tell me you spend 80% of your training on low-light counterattack, I’d be shocked.

But now worries… in this week’s broadcast, former Israeli spec-ops soldier, Ron Grobman, will reveal his street-proven secrets for fighting back in the dark!

Surviving A NIGHT TIME AMBUSH Gunfight!

Night Concealed Carry Pistol Training

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • The Israeli spec-ops “mind-set” you must adopt to be fully prepared for a low-light attack!
  • What you DON’T know about a night ambush… that you don’t want to find out the hard way!
  • How to transition from “fighting” to “SHOOTING” when you’re attacked without warning in the dark!
  • Going from a “defensive” reactionary mode to full-on “take the fight to the enemy” aggression with the flip of a switch!
  • How to train for a low-light gunfight… even when your local range frowns upon turning the lights out!

The dark can be your enemy… or your ally… all depending on how prepared you are for this challenging environment.

The wolves of our society are training for this.

Are you?

Resources Mentioned In The Broadcast:

Now It’s Your Turn To Share Your Best Nighttime Gun-Fighting Tips!

Please Share Your Drills & Tactics Below Now…

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