MCS 244 - Data-Driven Defense Tactics Vs. A Violent Attack
  • MCS 244 – Data-Driven Defense Tactics Vs. A Violent Attack

    Self-Defense Crime Statistics
    What Do Crime Statistics Tell You About Your Self-Defense Training?

    Is your firearms and self-defense training based on how criminals REALLY attack?

    Of course we’d like to think it is… but judging from some of the social medial b.s. and chest-thumping forum “experts”, I’m a wee bit concerned.

    So is Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training.

    He’s a police officer and tactical trainer who wrote an article that digs deep into the research of REAL attacks to get to the truth.

    And in this week’s episode, I’ll share the highlights from his research AND how you can use this life-saving information to fine-tune your own tactical training.

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    Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

    • What’s the likelihood that the thug asking for your wallet is actually armed with a weapon? (The answer surprised even me!)
    • Weird facts about the “quality” of weapons used in criminal attacks!
    • He’s threatening you… he’s armed… but will he USE his weapon on you? Hear what real felons had to say about their methods!
    • What are your chances of survival if you’re shot… stabbed… or face some other injury? (And does it matter?)
    • Data-driven defense tactics: How to use the “numbers” to make your tactical training more realistic!

    Don’t base your firearms and self-defense training on “fantasy Hollywood b.s.” or the advice of the loudest guy down at the gun range.

    You’re training for REAL attacks… and this episode will help expose the truth behind what you can expect… and how you should respond!

    Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

    What OTHER Facts Have You Found Helpful For Planning Your Self-Defense Training?

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