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MCS 228 – The Contact Shot For Close-Quarters Combat Gunfighting


This is one of THE most critical gunfighting skills…

… yet hardly ANYONE who owns a firearm understands its true power!

Even worse, those who DO, are getting it all WRONG!

I’m talking about the “contact shot” – that “muzzle-to-body” blast that does double-damage to your attacker!

In a close-quarters attack, the contact shot can save your life like no other shooting tactic can.

But… if you get it wrong, your trusty handgun will be as worthless as a paperweight!

In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll give you a quick “crash course” on the REAL way to master this critical gunfighting skill NOW!

Your LIFE May Depend On Mastering This ONE SHOT

Close Quarters Combat Contact Shot
Master This Critical Life-Saving Close Combat Shooting Skill!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • 4 scenarios where the “contact shot” is the ONLY practical response to a violent attack!
  • Which firearm is “best” for a contact shot: Semi-auto or revolver? (The pros & cons may surprise you!)
  • The “Mattress Test” to check your current weapon’s ability to save your life in a close-quarters ambush!
  • A critical consideration for keeping your pistol “in battery” before and after you pull the trigger for your contact shot!
  • “Point blank” training! Setting up the live-fire range to practice close-combat gunfighting!

Very few firearm trainers teach this skill – which is why this episode is so critical for anyone who owns a firearm for personal protection!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Have You Ever Practiced For The “Contact Shot” For Close Combat Gunfighting?

Please Share Your Training Observations And Tips Below Now…

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