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Weird Tactical Firearms Lesson: Grandma’s “1 Word” Defeats 3 Armed Gunmen?

This is crazy (but true)…

A grandmother and grandfather were robbed at gunpoint in their own driveway in Whitehaven, CT.

Their three-year-old great-granddaughter was with them.

The robbers held a gun to the grandfather’s head and threatened to blow him away if he didn’t come up with more cash.

But it wasn’t grampa’s quick wits, ninja self-defense skills, or even a concealed handgun that protected them…

Grandma Says That This “1 Word” Saved Them From Being Shot By 3 Armed Gunmen…


With a gun pointed right in the face of the man she loved and her 3 y.o. great-granddaughter watching on in horror, granny had one word come to her lips…

… “Jesus”.

The grandmother kept repeating the word over and over:

“Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.”

She believes that one word saved their lives that night.

I decided to dig deeper into this phenomenon and turns out she’s not the only one…

There are countless stories of robbers and attackers being stopped in their tracks by the name of Jesus.

People who asked what Jesus would think if he could see what the assailants were doing.

People who just said the name in prayer, over and over.

People who looked lovingly into their attacker’s eyes and just said “Jesus loves you anyway.”

Strange but true my friends!

Why does that word stop attacks? No one knows, exactly.

Most likely, it’s because many people are raised in Christian households and hold on to their faith even when they turn to dark deeds.

That name may remind them of a time when they wanted more of themselves.

It may stop them from carrying out their worst plans.

How To Have Jesus As Your “Back-Up” In A Gunfight…

Whatever the reason it works, I’m more of a “God helps those who help themselves” kind of a guy.

And if the name of “Jesus” can give you an advantage when you have a gun thrust into your face, then I’ll add that to my bag of tricks.

And trust me… there are all kinds of “sneaky little traps” you can use to defeat an armed attacker.

But here’s the reality…

When it comes to surviving a real ambush holdup, it’s not every “second” that counts… it’s every SPLIT-second!

In other words, the time it takes for you to identify a threat… how you carry your weapon for easy access… if you have it “staged” correctly… even the “stopping power” of the ammo you’re using

… it all either adds or subtracts split-seconds from your ability to end the threat.

If one single factor is out of whack, you could be a goner.

Your ability to buy yourself enough time – even with a gun in your face – to draw yours… take that critical “first shot”… and know that your ammo will do the job… could mean the difference between life and death.


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