3 Tactical Speed Shooting Tips To Draw Faster In A Real Gunfight

3 Tactical Speed-Shooting Hacks To Get Your Gun Out Faster In A Real Gunfight

It’s a simple fact that a lot of gun-owners don’t want to admit…

Despite how you see EVERYONE training down at the local gun range, real gunfights DON’T happen from 7 yards away.

Try more like 7 FEET away!

That’s right: just SEVEN FEET (or less!) might be all the only “reactionary gap” you get between you and the guy who’s trying to MURDER you.

That’s why “speed” counts in a real gunfight and literally FRACTIONS of a second can mean the difference between life and death!

That’s why I want to share with you…

3 Tactical “Speed Shooting” Hacks To Get Your Gun Out Faster in a REAL Gunfight…

Tactical Speed Shooting Tips
Speed Is A Life-Or-Death Tactical Necessity In A Real Gun Fight!

Every single part of your training to face a real-life gunfight has to come down to one thing:

You have GOT to be FASTER at getting to your gun, drawing your gun, and getting a round into your attacker!

Here are three tips and tricks to help you do just that:

1. Buy A GOOD Gun Belt

How many times have you gone down to the range and seen people toting their guns in sagging holsters?

Guns are HEAVY.

The average belt from JC Penney simply can’t cut it when it comes to supporting a firearm, even a compact pistol.

As my friend EJ Owens told me, you need a thick, strong gun belt, preferably with a rigid insert of Kydex or some other material at its core.

A strong gun belt prevents your gun from dragging your pants down but, more importantly, it prevents your belt from riding UP.

If your belt rides up too far, it might stop you from drawing your gun at all, or it could foul your draw to the point that you get very, very dead.

Don’t cheap out on the gun belt, because it really makes a difference.

2. Use a KYDEX Holster, Not Leather!

Look, I love a beautifully tooled leather holster as much as the next guy.

Most of us grew up on leather holsters, at least if you’re around my age.

But the times, they are a’ changin, as the old song goes.

Modern holster technology has made huge improvements when it comes to daily carry of a firearm.

Kydex, a modern thermoplastic molded directly to your gun model, is the superior choice.

Unlike leather, they are virtually maintenance free, and unlike “ballistic” Nylon holsters, they are much more durable.

More importantly, they are molded tightly to your gun for superior retention WITHOUT any kind of retaining strap.

That means there’s nothing extra you have to do to draw your gun.

It stays in because the holster is molded closely to the gun’s contours, even if you’re moving around violently while running or fighting with someone.

Then, when it’s time to draw, you simply pop the holster free.

Nothing could be simpler or easier.

On top of all that, because the gun “clicks” into place in and out of the holster, retention and drawing/holstering are much more “positive.”

Everybody and his uncle is making Kydex holsters these days, so just make sure you pick a reputable maker.

And, yes, while it’s true that Kydex might wear the finish of your gun a little bit, so will any other holster that retains your gun securely.

Besides, any gun you live with, day in and day out, is going to look well worn after a couple of years.

That’s just part of the charm… and it’s a badge of honor that shows the lifestyle you’re living as a prepared, armed citizen.

3. Use A Little Lube

This is something you may not have heard of, but that is ABSOLUTELY one of those “insider tricks” of the gun industry.

People engaged in speed shooting competitions have known for a while that a few dabs of “gun oil” on your magazines help them slide out of your mag holders and your gun’s magazine well a little faster.

But you can ALSO put some inside your Kydex holster itself so your draw is that much smoother and faster.

A few drops of CLP gun lube, in other words, can give you the edge of a fraction of a second.

That could make the difference between life and death in a real gunfight!

I hope these three tips will help you… but let’s be honest.

These are all about your equipment.

Your TACTICS have to support your gear or you’re just spending money for no reason.

Tactics are the MOST important things when it comes to a gunfight.

If you’ve got everything wired in tight, you can be super fast on the draw — almost like an Old West gunfighter.

In fact, my friend Ox is a real mad scientist when it comes to tactical firearms training.

He has put so much thought and effort into the fastest drawstroke for concealed carry that it blows my mind.

I have to warn you, though: It’s unlike other drawstrokes you’ve seen.

In fact, you can watch him in action and see just how fast he puts a bullet in the bull’s eye, from concealed carry, with a compact carry pistol in this video…

Remember, a few fractions of a second could be the only difference between putting a bullet in your attacker…

…and him putting a bullet in you.

You can’t afford to finish second in that kind of race.

What Other Tactical “Speed Shooting” Tips & Questions Do You Have For A Real Gunfight?

Please Leave Your Comments Below Now…

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