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You Can Skip Most Grip Secrets, But Not This One

If you don’t have the right grip on your gun, your shooting accuracy will suffer.

And you’ll go crazy searching the internet or taking shooting classes in order to find the “perfect grip”.

I’ve been taught (even by world-class champions) so many “secret” ways – everything from “most meat” grips to “vise” grips… “support thumb back” grip… “support thumb way forward” grip… all instructors claiming that *this* works best for recoil management.

You know what?

They ALL worked… for that trainer… and in each case I learned a little more about what worked for ME vs. other people – and that’s the point – you have to find what works for you.

Discover The ONE Grip Secret You MUST Know That Does Work For Everyone

Handgun Grip Secret

But with all that instruction, one factor was constant and critical to muzzle control in order to shoot faster without losing accuracy… gripping the handgun as tight as possible!

It sounds simple but in reality it’s a little different.

When I work with people and ask them to grip the firearm like they normally would, I have them extend the weapon and watch how long it takes until their forearm muscles and hand start to tremble.

Most can hold their weapon there for 30 – 60 seconds.

The “15-Second Grip”

What I’m looking for, though, is a good, tight, stable “15-second squeeze” before the arm gives out.

That’s the sweet spot.

15 rounds shot one second apart is just long enough.

Less than 15 seconds is too tight for foundational training; If it’s greater than 15 seconds, you’re not gripping hard enough…. but only for a foundational training grip.

When you’re talking about what I call “gunfight speed”, 15 seconds is an eternity… you’re going to unload a full magazine much faster.

This places more demand on recoil control so your rounds aren’t spread all over the place.

For this, you’re going to have to grip your weapon “tight as shit!”

Live Fire Training Exercise

During your live fire training, you should load five rounds.

Then grip your handgun as tight as you can for those five rounds so you get used to what it feels like.

You’ll also see how it affects your shooting.

If you struggle to hold the hand gun as tight as you should, you might want to work on your grip strength.

With increased grip strength you’ll be able to pull off the ’15 second grip’ and be able to better control the recoil as well, which will allow you to fire faster and still be accurate.

Now have a patent on a brand new “gun training tool” that I think is going to take the shooting world by storm. It will help improve your finger dexterity, resulting in a quicker draw, while increasing the speed and accuracy of ever shot you take.

The training device itself is about 2,000 years old, but I developed an even BETTER version of it that helps gun-owners shoot faster… more accurately… AND even help master other gun-handling skills (like reloading and clearing jams).

Best of all, not only does it develop your skills super fast… but it’s so FUN to “play” with that it’s really hard to put down!

Check them out yourself and I think you’ll find this to be the most addictive “gun training” you’ve ever tried.

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