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[Freedom Friday] Gun Rights Alert: Only 1 gun is “untrackable”

For our weekly “Freedom Friday” message this week, I want to share a little behind-the-curtain info with you.

I’ve told you about these free-plus-shipping “ghost gun” DVDs before, that show you how to LEGALLY build an “off-grid” pistol or rifle.

The secret?

Not that many people picked them up before, because they figured they could always just buy a “normal” gun.

Maybe they bought from a private seller so there was no paper trail (but they were WRONG about that, and I’ll explain why).

Honestly though, not many people saw themselves “building” a ghost gun (which is really just using a few simple tools to put together a LOT of gun parts you can just buy).

But all that changed a few months ago.

Now, the DVDs are more popular than EVER, because everybody is worried about the new administration’s push for more “gun control.”

That includes complete BANS on “assault weapons.”

It also means more registration of handguns (so they can confiscate them later).

We just can’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but we know they WANT to make your guns illegal more than ever before.

And if you’ve ever bought a gun from a store, there’s a paper trail on that gun (even though the gov’t claims it doesn’t keep federal records).

Worse, if you think buying a gun from a “private seller” will protect you… well, HE bought his gun from a store originally.

Do you think he’d lie to protect you if the Feds knock on his door and ask him where that gun went?

Fact is, the ONLY gun that can’t be tracked and traced is one that NEVER went through a store in the first place, and there’s only one legal way to get it:

You’ve got to assemble a “ghost gun” yourself by following the instructions in one of those DVDs.

But that’s why more and more people are picking up these DVDs now when they weren’t checking out the offer before – because they know the White House has said it wants to ban ghost guns, too.

In other words, soon you will NOT be able to do this anymore.

Either the DVDs won’t be available because the information in them is out of date, or that information will be just-plain-ILLEGAL.

Either way, if you want the ONLY gun the feds can’t trace and take from you – and you want it to be LEGAL – you’ve got to get this info NOW.

Everybody likes different guns, but…

If you like Glocks, click here

If you’re an AK guy, click here

If you prefer AR rifles, click here

Just… don’t wait, okay?

Because I’ve been watching the news and, if there was ever a time they were going to outlaw these, it’s now.

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