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[Gun Gear] Don’t Make These “Operator” Rifle Mistakes

I remember reading an old snippet of what was probably a “Soldier of Fortune” magazine years ago.

A team leader in Rhodesia told his men, who were complaining about the weight of their FN-FAL rifles,

“It’s not a handbag, ladies. You don’t need a sling on it like a purse.”

The thing is, what even experienced, old-school operators sometimes don’t realize…

…is that a modern sling is essential, especially to civilian defenders.

Here’s why.

3 Reasons You DO Need An “Operator Sling”

best operator rifle sling
Best Operator Rifle Sling

A rifle without a sling is, well, just a rifle.

If you don’t have a sling, though, you’re making a mistake.

In fact, you’re making 3 potential mistakes:

1. A Sling Is The Only Way To “Holster” Your Rifle

Picture this: You use your rifle or carbine for home defense.

Then the cops come, because you called them…

…and your rifle is still in your hands!

That’s a good way to get shot, amigo.

But unless you want to put the rifle down, out of your control, the only way to “holster it” is to sling it.

And you can’t do that if you don’t have one, right?

2. A Sling Lets You Transition To A Pistol

A good sling lets you drop your rifle without dropping it.

If you have a single-point sling, for example, you let the rifle fall to the end of the sling, where it is safely against your body…

…and you draw your pistol to engage the threat.

I’ve seen videos of some operators who can do this “lightning fast.”

That brings me to…

3. A Sling Aids In Weapon Retention

A sling attaches the rifle or carbine to your body.

This means that if someone tries to take your weapon, it’s tethered to you.

Now, that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually wrench it free…

…but it does give you an unfair advantage when it comes to weapon retention.

In a fight for your life, always fight unfairly!

There’s just one problem when it comes to all these “operator sling mistakes.”

By now you’ve probably realized why you need a sling for your weapon…

…But a “normal” sling is almost as bad as no sling!

By “normal,” I mean the kind of sling that is basically just a “belt” from one end of the rifle to the other, the kind of thing you use to throw your trusty huntin’ rifle over your shoulder.

That kind of sling CAN’T be used for transitioning to a pistol, because you’ll never get it over your shoulder in time.

It can’t aid in weapon retention or transition, either, because it isn’t over your body when you’re shooting.

No, if you want a PROPER tactical sling, you need an “operator” style sling.

C7 SlingA great example is the C7 Hawkeye Sling.

This is an adjustable, ambidextrous sling that is perfect for your weapon.

With this sling, you can easily attach your “assault rifle,” securely and with full maneuverability.

Need to “drop” your rifle to draw your pistol?

The C7 Hawkeye Sling lets you do that, while keeping your rifle with YOU (not lying around for a bad guy to pick up).

And with the rifle attached to your body at the end of this “operator” sling, you’ll also have a much easier time hanging on to your weapon if someone tries to take it from you.

(This is, without a doubt, the EXACT type of sling you need when it comes to using your rifle (and your pistol) for self-defense and home defense.)

That particular sling sold out not long ago, but it’s a good model to follow.

You need a similar, operator-style sling for your home-defense and self-defense rifle or carbine.

This is important – which means the one thing you don’t dare do is… nothing.

Get a good sling and you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself and your family, which is what it’s all about, you know?

What Sling Do You Run On Your Rifle?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below Now…

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