Reddit User Cracks "Gun Laser" Secret? (He Made Just 1 Mistake)

Reddit User Cracks “Gun Laser” Secret?

As somebody who carries a gun, you’ve been training for this moment you’re whole life, and it’s FINALLY happened…

…but something’s gone horribly wrong.

Your hand is on your gun, ready to go through the drawstroke you’ve practiced hundreds, even thousands of times…

…But this raging, 6-foot-something, ‘roided up monster, the guy who just walked up to you in the parking lot because he thinks you cut him off in traffic before you parked – has SHOVED you with all his strength.

You hit the pavement and it knocks the wind out of you.

Your eyes water.

You can’t draw a breath.

And he’s pulling out his own gun to line up a shot!

You’ve got only a fraction of a second.

Lying on the ground in a weird position, your arms and legs all wrong, you can’t see the sights of your gun.

You can’t even see the barrel to point shoot.

You have just enough time to yank your gun free and MAYBE get the barrel pointed in his general direction.

So how do you hit him – NOW – instead of shooting everywhere that he’s not?

There’s just one answer, and while I was looking through Reddit late the other night, I saw a thread in which one guy hit on it!

(He just made one mistake.)

Gun Laser Advantage

As our Redditor points out, the HUGE advantage a gun laser gives you is being able to line up a shot when you’re at a weird angle…

…And there’s NO WAY you’re going to see your sights or even the barrel of the gun.

When even point shooting won’t work, a laser is the only way to know where the bullet is going to go.

If you miss, it isn’t just YOUR life that’s at risk – it’s the lives of anybody else who might be in the path of that stray bullet!

The only mistake our Redditor made was that he said these situations were “very rare.”

They’re not!

People get knocked to the ground, caught off guard, or threatened while they’re in weird positions all the time.

Criminals actually PREFER when you’re in an awkward position because they know that makes it harder for you to defend against their attacks.

(Another big mistake I see people make when it comes to lasers is complaining they cost too much.

They don’t have to; you can get a universal model like this one that “turns your handgun into a sniper rifle” but that is affordable and works well.)

Not only does a gun laser give you the option to line up a shot from a weird position, but the REST of the time (you know, all those other minutes in the day someone’s NOT trying to kill you)…

…you can use it for dry fire practice, drawstroke practice (so you can see where your barrel is pointing), and checking for gun handling problems (like jerking the trigger)  when you’re at the range.

Honestly, since all this is true, there’s really no reason NOT to have a gun laser – and plenty of reasons every prepared citizen should.

Be safe out there!

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