Guy With Nards Of Steel Takes Gun, Shoots Bad Guys
  • Guy With Nards Of Steel Refuses To Be Shot, Takes Gun, Shoots Bad Guys

    It’s early Saturday morning, and you’re barely awake as you walk down a city street, but…

    …As you put your hand to your mouth and yawn, that’s when you see the thugs.

    They’re in their early 20s and have that “pack predator” look to them, and as you pick up your step a little, they notice you and start to home in on you.

    You aren’t fast enough, or they’re faster… but they cut you off and get in front of you.

    That’s when one of them puts a gun in your face (and most people who don’t have this training would be screwed).

    It’s a robbery… and probably a murder, because these low-lifes don’t like to leave witnesses, and they don’t care about you or your family.

    And this story absolutely happened a few days ago in Los Angeles, but that’s where it gets weird…

    How This Guy With Nards Of Steel Went “Full Gunfighter” And Fought Back

    Full Gunfighter Mode: Unlocked

    All of this took place on the 1300 block of West 35th street in Los Angeles a few days back.

    Cops have declined to press charges against the victim, who quickly became the counter-attacker.

    See, when these three thugs shoved a gun in this man’s face, he did something that my buddy Ox has shown me how to do:

    He went full-gunfighter.

    He turned into a John-Wick-on-a-Monday, Liam-Neeson-When-You’ve-Kidnapped-His-Daughter, Bruce-Willis-At-A-Christmas-Party-Full-Of-Terrorists whirling, fighting, up-yours-you’re-not-robbing-me gunman.

    In the fight, one of the bad guys dropped his handgun — and then the “victim” scooped up that gun and put a bullet in one of the attackers!

    Seeing their buddy shot, the other two thugs cut and ran, fleeing for their lives.

    And the bad guy with the bullet in him?

    Well, he proceeded to assume room temperature on the spot where this guy with “nards of steel” dropped him (probably with his own gun, although we don’t know which of the bad guys dropped the roscoe).

    Police say they questioned the “victim” and then let him go, and no charges have been filed.

    And that’s as close as you’re ever going to see someone go “full gunfighter” in a news article.

    See, the ability to shoot quickly and accurately is part of being a REAL gunfighter – part of acquiring the skills that can save your life in a gunfight.

    This steel-nards dude? He’s got those skills, although we don’t know who he is.

    And YOU can develop those skills too, because no matter how badass you are, no matter “how gunfighter are you,” you can always be MORE and BETTER with a handgun.

    As for me, I didn’t start fulling tapping into my “gunfighter mode” until I started training closely with my buddy “Ox.”

    He developed a step-by-step training regimen he calls “The Praxis Method” that does it all for you.

    I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve found this method nothing short of ground-breaking.

    In fact, I believe it could literally revolutionize firearms training as we know it and it’s starting to get a TON of buzz right now in the tactical training world.

    If you’d like to learn how YOU can go “full gunfighter,” taking your gun skills farther than you ever thought possible, we’re holding a free “encore” online training workshop this week for a small group of our readers.

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    This training is for new shooters as well as “experts” and it’s going to blow your mind how fast you can literally “program” life-saving skills into your brain (like a computer)…

    The online workshop won’t cost you a thing, but the lessons you learn will absolutely transform your “gun-training” into “gun-FIGHT” training using some new tricks that hardly ANY shooters even know about.

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    I’ll see you at the training! 🙂

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