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MCS Podcast 003: Home Invasion Ambush Defense With Massad Ayoob

Home invasions are like no other crime.

Unlike burglars are just after your “stuff”, home invaders attack while you’re at home and thrive on the power and control they have over your family.

In this firearms survival podcast, legendary firearms guru, Massad Ayoob, reveals tactics for how to respond in those critical first seconds of an ambush when your attackers are busting down your door.

This is your greatest opportunity… and here’s how to seize it!

Surviving The First 30 Seconds Of A Home Invasion

Home Invasion Defense Tactics

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The 3 biggest mistakes most homeowners make that could stop a home invasion before it even starts!
  • The cold hard truth about your options for storing your gun for fast access when the bad guys are busting down your door!
  • Evaluating your home’s “bulletproof cover” options (plus, a great tip for blocking bullets with this common household piece of furniture)!
  • Why “concealment” isn’t such a bad thingIF you know how to use it right!
  • How to consolidate every member of your family in “instant action” mode to avoid  freezing in panic when an attack is under way!

Plus a whole lot more!

This is information that every gun owner must know now… BEFORE a home invasion happens!

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