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Former CIA Officer Says, “Don’t Use This In A Home Invasion”

There’s literally NOTHING you wouldn’t do to protect your family from a home invasion, but…

…what if I told you there’s something you SHOULDN’T do?

For today’s “WROL Wednesday” tip, I know I’m stretching the definition of “Without Rule Of Law” a little – but a home invasion is the collapse of law.

There’s nobody to help you but YOU – and nobody to stop the monsters who’ve invaded your home but YOU.

And the police?

As the old saying goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

(And that’s not a slap at Law Enforcement Officers, because I support them – but they CAN’T help you in time when some gang of THUGS kicks down your door to threaten your family!)

So what CAN you do to protect your family from a home invasion?

Well, there’s way more than I get into in a single blog post, but I was reading this gigantic book from former CIA officer Jason Hanson

…and one of the tips he offered for what NOT to do caught my eye.

I tend to listen when Jason speaks, because I’ve interviewed him before and he really knows his stuff.

In this case, Jason says NOT to bother with a bulletproof vest.

Body armor is increasingly popular with preppers and armed citizens.

In fact, it’s so popular that lawmakers are talking about making it ILLEGAL to own body armor (because if something helps you and me, of course they have to ban it).

I’ve got nothing against body armor, either, but Jason points out that, no matter how popular it’s getting, you shouldn’t bother with it in a home invasion.

That’s because, while it may give you a tactical advantage once you have it on…

…Time is critical in a home invasion,

Jason says you’re better off spending those critical moments grabbing your gun and getting your family to a safe area of your home.

In other words, anything BUT climbing into a bulletproof vest!

I thought that was an interesting tip, so I figured I’d pass it on to you.

It’s not often a “home invasion defense tip” involves an otherwise good product that you shouldn’t bother with, you know?

(By the way, if you want to read the whole book where I saw this tip, it’s called Alone And Unafraid, and covers everything from covert ops and online security to gun fighting, home invasion defense, and disaster preparedness.)

What Is Your Go-To Home Invasion Defense Plan?
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