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Home Invasion Defense: How To Stop A Bullet… The Right Way!

How do you win a home invasion gunfight?


All you have to do is put at least one man-stopping bullet in the bad guy while keeping him from doing the same, right?

Well, training realistically for home invasion survival with your firearm will help you with the first part of that formula.

For the second half however, firearms legend, Massad Ayoob, says that there’s a critical factor that even a lot of “experts” may not be considering…

Lessons In Home Invasion Survival:
The REAL Way To Stop A Bullet!

Home Invasion Survival - Cover And Concealment

When I train students in how to survive a real gunfight or a home invasion, one of things I find is that oftentimes – perhaps due to the trap of linear “range training” – trainees are so focused on the bullets coming out of the end of their gun that they lose sight of the other cold, hard truth…

… in real gunfights, bullets can come AT you as well!

That’s not an “intelligence” problem – it’s simply a matter of training yourself to THINK about how to not only get bullets on-target… but also how to avoid getting shot at the same time.

Movement is key to avoid being hit.  But move to where?

The Little-Known Difference Between “Cover”
And “Concealment” In A Real Gunfight…

Ok, I know this sounds simple…

In a nutshell, “cover” is anything that will stop a bullet.

“Concealment”, on the other hand, is anything that will hide you, but doesn’t necessarily stop a bullet.

Simple enough… except that even a lot of “experts” get confused between the two when it comes to what really stops bullets.

Let’s take a home invasion scenario for example…

You’re sitting at home in the Lay Z Boy recline when a knock comes at the door.

You’re smart so you don’t open the door… peep through the hole and see hooded figure and say, “Who’s there?!”

“Candy-gram sir!”

It’s been 20 years since your spouse bought you candy and you don’t suspect a secret admirer – but fortunately you’re safe behind your door, right?

The reality, where home invasion survival is concerned, is that you have NEITHER cover nor concealment in that situation. 

The bad guy will shoot through the door, and the medical examiner will autopsy you, and take little bits of plywood out of your body.

You weren’t hidden because the home invader knew you were there.

You weren’t behind cover because a light door like that won’t stop a bullet.

You Must Re-Think “Cover” And
What REALLY Stops A Bullet…

The truth is that there’s very little hard cover to be found in the typical American home to help you survive a home invasion.

To incorporate real cover in your home defense tactics, you’ll have to think more creatively.

That means pre-thinkingpre-planning… and pre-staging cover throughout your home so you’re prepared no matter where you have to defend yourself.

Among the places that will potentially stop a bullet, which you can arrange when you lay out your home, are…

Stacked File Cabinets

File cabinets are great cover – as long as they’re full.

Metal ones will work better than Walmart particle-board version

Do This: Set up your home office (if you have one) with your file cabinets closer to the door instead of a back corner of the room.  This will give you something to hide behind if you’re able to fall back to your office and engage your attacker from behind legitimate cover as he comes through the door.

Your Firearms Safe

Firearms safes are typically made of heavy steel and will stop any round you’ll face in a home invasion.

This is a good reason to buy a full-size brand that’s large enough to use for cover versus a small one for your handgun only.

Do This: Position a metal safe (large enough for use of cover) in a strategic position where it can shield you from an expected avenue of attack by a home invader.  For example, it could be in a master bedroom walk-in closet just inside the door.

Thickly-Packed Bookshelves

A lot of people don’t realize that one of the best “cover” sources of cover against a home invasion is a common wood bookshelf stacked with layers of books.

It will stop most calibers of bullets if you have some good sized tomes on the shelf and they’re stacked together.

A 230 grain hardball slug from a .45 that can travel 26 to 30 inches in ballistic gelatin will generally expend its energy within six to eight inches of hard-packed books.

Do This: Whether you’re a “book reader” or not, make sure your living room (a common entry point for home invaders) has at least one well-stocked bookcase positioned where you can get to it quickly. These are typically not very deep and don’t offer much cover so placing one against a wall next to a doorway will let you use it for wide cover while shooting around it at your attacker.

It’s Time To Do Your Own Home Invasion
Cover & Concealment Analysis…

The time to prepare for home invasion survival is now, before you need it.

Incorporating the use of good hard cover in your home defense tactics is one of the most critical survivability factors that you actually have control over.

If this means laying out your home a little differently, this is a small price to pay in time and effort for your family’s survival, wouldn’t you agree?

There’s no need to make the inside of your house look like a WWII bunker.

But with some creative cover placement, you can create a virtual stronghold that will go a long way to helping you defeat a home invasion.

What Physical Changes Have YOU Made To Your Home
To Prepare For Home Invasion Defense?

Please Share Your Tips & Tactics Below Now…


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