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Home Invasion Story: 64 y.o. Minn. “Victim” Heads To PRISON For Home Defense Mistake?

It was about 7am on a cold Saturday morning when 3 teenagers pulled up to 64 y.o. David Pettersen’s Minnesota home.

Two of the teens jumped out and started checking doors on Pettersen’s house, “testing” the easiest access.

Finding them locked, one of the teens – Kyle Nason (18 y.o.) – got a boost up to the 2nd level deck to look for an easier way in.

The homeowner, Petterson, was still in bed when he saw Kyle walk by his bedroom window.

He jumped out of bed to confront the boy – who, scared, leaped off the 2nd story deck, breaking his ankle in the fall – and began crawling his way to the getaway car parked near Pettersen’s garage.

What Happened Next Sent 1 Teen Criminal To The Morgue… And Will Send The “Victim” To Prison!

Home Invasion Story Home Defense

As the 3 teens scrambled to their vehicle, Peterson ran back to his bedroom to grab his loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Charging outside, he barely made it in time to intercept the criminals’ car as it drove by him in high-speed retreat.

In later reports, Pettersen stated he was trying to shoot out the front drivers-side tire to stop the criminals’ getaway… however, although he was able to get a round into the tire, Peterson kept on shooting… and one of the three bullets he shot hit the driver – 19 y.o. Nick Embertson – in the pelvis, who lost consciousness as he drove off onto the side of the driveway.

Pettersen ran back into his home to dial 911 as the other boys moved their bleeding friend out of the driver’s seat and sped off down the road.

The cops eventually caught up to the getaway car and 2 of the boys went off to jail while the 3rd – the wounded 19 y.o. – later died of his wounds at the hospital.

Oh, and the “victim”, 64 y.o. Pettersen?

Charged with 2 Felony counts that – after what will most definitely be a long and very expensive court trial – will likely put him in a prison cell, right next to even worse predators than the ones who tried to break into his home!

3 Home-Defense Lessons Most Gun-Owners Don’t Realize – Until It’s Too Late!

I see stories like this all the time and it makes me sick.

Law-abiding citizen is in his own home – minding his own business – and then some low-life dirtbags who don’t want to “work” for their money tries to prey on him.

And the “victim” is the one who will could spend the next 10-20 years of his life behind bars dreading the daily trip to “the showers”?

What REALLY makes me frustrated though is that these same law-abiding citizens who are smart enough to own a gun for self-protection… have NO CLUE about how to use it “legally” to defend themselves.

Trust me my friend… it matters! Big time!

In fact, here are 3 things you yourself may not even realize when it comes to using your firearm against a criminal…

1. You’re MIND Is Going To Screw With You

Pettersen was charged with Manslaughter – even though he was the victim – because the 3 teens (in the eyes of the law) were no longer a threat as they tried to get away in their car.

But that’s not likely what your brain is going to be telling you in the middle of the night, as you grip your pistol in your hands and have a bead on your retreating attackers.

What you may be more likely thinking is…

“F*ck that! Not in MY house you don’t!”

“I’m not letting you get away just so you can come back and try again!”

“I’m tired of criminals getting away with sh*t like this!”

Now, that kind of “hell no!” mind-set that could get you to take quick action and save your life…

… but it can also get you to take ILLEGAL action and ruin the REST of your life.

As we say in our “Bulletproof Defense” Certification Course… “Our legal system is NOT about justice… it’s about the LAW! Plain and simple!”

2. Your BODY Is Going To Screw With You

Adrenaline is a funny chemical in your body…

It’s your body’s natural “fight or flight” hormone that can give you near superhuman strength and stamina…

… but it also overrides your critical decision-making ability AND destroys your fine-motor skills you need for accurate shooting.

Case in point…

Pettersen said he was trying to “shoot out the driver’s side tire” to keep the teens from getting away.

While this may sound like a fishy excuse to some, the fact that he shot the driver in the pelvis – which would be at about the same height as the car’s tires – lends some backing to his story, right?

However… not only was it an illegal decision to try to shoot the tires (more on that in a second), but Pettersen’s adrenalized brain didn’t have the ability to account for the movement of the car and the bullet most likely was at least 2-3 feet away from where he wanted it to hit – “accidentally” striking the driver and killing him.

3. The COURT Is Going To Screw With You

At the time of this story, NO CHARGES have been filed against the two surviving teens.

At most, they’re probably looking at a Misdemeanor Trespassing charge because they didn’t actually enter the home, nor did they take anything or threaten the homeowner in any way.

In fact, you’ve seen me refer to these criminals as “boys” throughout this article … and that’s exactly how they’ll be presented to a jury (even though they’re really 18 & 19 y.o. “men”).

The happy pictures of the 3 teens will be shown on a video screen… the parents of the dead boy will be quietly sobbing in the back of the courtroom… and I can tell you pretty much what the discussion is going to be like in the courtroom for Pettersen’s prosecution…

“Mr. Pettersen, you’ve stated that you train at the range with your legally-owned firearm and can hit a target from 21 feet away and put all rounds within a 12-inch box. And now you’d like us to believe that you were aiming for a 3-foot wide tire and couldn’t even hit it from only 10 feet away?

So which is it Mr. Pettersen? Are you lying about how well trained you are with your firearm? Or are you perhaps lying about whether you really meant to shoot the young Nicolas Embertson even though he posed no threat to you?”

The fact is, prosecuting attorneys have all kinds of “tricks” for making you look bad on the stand.

David Pettersen Home Invasion Trial
David Pettersen Trial (Photo by Pat Christman/Mankato Free Press)

They conveniently leave out the physiological effects an attack has on the “victim” and how it can cause you to do things you didn’t mean to do.

Understanding these effects NOW will help you make better legal decisions AND react better if you really are forced to shoot in your own defense.

As a matter of fact, this is why we filmed real “pressure-testing” of expert firearms users (including military contractors and law enforcement) in our training where you can literally SEE the effects of adrenaline – against a live “attacker” trainer.

It shows the jury – with their own eyes – that it’s actually the prosecuting attorney who might be the one they can’t trust, because he either doesn’t seem to understand these physiological factors, or worse… he’s just trying to “trick” them into finding the victim guilty!

This is why we say you can even enter videos of attacks and training as evidence of the legality of your actions based on the “Reasonable Man Doctrine”.

But here’s the secret…

In order for you to use it in your defense, you MUST have watched and participated in this type of training BEFORE you’re actually involved in a shooting.

It does you no good to follow the program AFTER you’ve pulled the trigger and it won’t be allowed into evidence.

That’s because the “Reasonable Man Doctrine” dictates that only the information you knew BEFORE you pulled the trigger is valuable to your defense.

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(A Personal Note From The Editor…)

Ok, I might catch hell for saying this, but I’m going to anyway…

Pettersen SHOULD go to jail!

I’m not saying he’s a bad person or that I defend “criminals” over “victims”.

But the actions he took DID unnecessarily take a teen’s life – and that teen could have been my kid, your kid, (or your grand-kid).

You and I both know that – no matter how well we raise our children – they can take a bad turn here and there on their path through life.

God knows I sure did!

While the teens were definitely up to no good and deserve to be brought to justice, there was no sign that this crime was meant to hurt anyone and he didn’t deserve to die.

But even if you disagree with me on that principle, it’s 64 y.o. Pettersen’s 2nd Felony charge that you should care about also…

Home Invasion Felony Charge

“Intentional Discharge Of A Firearm That Endangers Safety <of others>”

Basically that means he pulled the trigger at something he didn’t have to.

For Pettersen, that was the vehicle’s tire.

But that round (or any of the rounds) could have ricocheted off of the car – or missed the target completely – and struck an innocent bystander.

In the end, he got 90 days for his act… which seems like an insanely light sentence considering it could have been anyone’s kids.

Like MY kids… YOUR kids… your grand-kids… your spouse… your dog… or YOU!

Always remember – you’re legally responsible for every damn bullet that comes out of the end of your weapon, no matter where it goes or who it hits.

Bottom line is that – as much as I believe in our right to own a firearm to protect ourselves – I DON’T want untrained gun-owners out there who put MY life (or the lives of those I love) in jeopardy because they aren’t trained well enough.

And I’m not just talking about “marksmanship” training…

I’m talking about “legal” training that will keep you out of prison… and me and my family safe from their stupidity.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve got it all figured out.

I talk to hundreds of gun-owners (and even many, many instructors) who don’t have all the facts.

79% Of Gun-Owners Don't Know What To Do In These 3 Scenarios...

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These 3 short, fun videos will challenge even the most experienced gun-owner in their response to common threats you may face.

  • Will you go home safely to your loved ones?
  • Will you go to prison for your actions?
  • Or will you be taken to the morgue?

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As A Gun-Owner Yourself, What Common Mistakes Do You See Others Make When It Comes To LEGALLY Protecting Themselves?

Please Share Your Insights Below Now…

  • Ian Hartwell says:

    He did not have to shoot, the teenagers were driving away. Thank god I don’t live in America

  • In the words of someone Iv received training from and has bin interviewed on this site. “If you have any doubt don’t shoot” Anyone who reads this think about that quote in the context of some of the self defense situations you’ve come across. To me over the past this statement holds true. Be safe all.

  • Let’s begin to stop confusing the legal system of men with “the Law”, which is, and can only come, from God. There is no justice in these so-called courts of merchant corporations NAMED US, UK, UN… or any of their parts, because there is no law in them. There never was. And their so-called constitutions and other writings are nowhere near the law for man, but for dead things called “persons” and like appellations called “human”, “animated man” or otherwise, that a living man was led to believe is them.

    Everyone needs to look into, learn, compare, and verify these things. These illusions are the root of our problem, as well as their money and religious game, which all are unlawful, too. The prime objective is to return to Kansas, Dorothy, yes? US, UK… is the land of Oz, and nothing more. These corporations are mere stages we act in and on as Shakespeare, whoever he really is, or they are, tells us, but there is no life in it.

    First-hand knowledge of “the Law” without the distraction of so-called theologians, scholars, priests, preachers, politicians, education teachers, media, Hollywood or other intended false interpreters of it, will serve to end our ignorance of it, help us discover our delusions, and begin to act righteously and accordingly.

    Then, and only then, will man have peace and freedom. We are the cause of our own injury, even with all our best intentions.

    Again, this is a true statement about the Law. There is no religious or other connotation here whatsoever. I truly hope people can wrap their minds around this. We have all been deceived, and continue to believe we aren’t.

    For some basic training on these truths, I strongly suggest people view presentations called Servent King, both the Confusion and Unravelling series available on various internet platforms, and “Total Onslaught” by Walter Veith, to get a good glimpse of the tricks played on us. They are not complete, but a damn good start into the truths kept from us that all need to know.

    I truly hope this helps. We will win over all evil by, with, and through the law, not by the inventions of men, which all are evil. If all or most living man come to know and live by the law, then the above described incident would not, nor could, play out as it has from beginning to end. It’s not possible. And, I say this with knowledge, which is the absence of belief.

  • I don’t know what to say about this situation. Was he right or wrong I guess I would have to be in a similar situation to find out. The teens now in today’s world alot of them are heartless and cruel look at all the shootings going on by teens and it all comes down to the parents I BLAME THEM

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