The Best AR-15 Modifications And Accessories For Home Defense
  • MCS 177: AR-15 Modification Do’s & Don’ts For Home Defense

    AR-15 Accessories For Home Defense
    What AR-15 accessories are best for home defense?

    Tactical vs. tacti-cool?

    If you ever go to an AR-15 tactical rifle course, more than likely you’re going to find at least one attendee who’s proudly sporting an AR that looks like a Swiss Army Knife and Inspector Gadget had a baby in the aisle of a Bass Pro Shop.

    But do you REALLY need all those AR-15 accessories, gadgets & gizmos for personal and home defense?

    Well… some… (maybe?)…

    This week, my buddy (and tactical instructor/competitive shooter), “Ox”, and I will be doing a deep-dive workshop for our NWPA members about the do’s and don’ts of customizing your AR-15 the right way from the ground up.

    So for this week’s podcast, I asked him for the biggest mistake most people (even those “experienced” gun gurus) make when customizing their AR-15’s.

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    Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

    • The #1 question you MUST ask before even thinking about adding a single component to your AR!
    • Should you have “different rifles” for different purposes?
    • Why customizing your AR-15 for personal defense COULD possibly be the worst mistake of your life!

    This short podcast episode lays down the solid foundation for the AR-15 owner.

    Start with these tips… and then join us for this week’s NWPA workshop to get all the details on the do’s and don’ts of how to make your AR-15 more effective for home or personal defense!

    Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

    What AR-15 Mods Do YOU Prefer For Home Defense?

    Please Share Your Best Tips For Tricking Out Your AR-15 Below Now…

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