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MCS 168: The Best Home Defense Handgun Plan To Defeat A Home Invasion

Do you own a handgun for home defense?If you don’t, I have some great tips on how to choose the ultimate home invasion defender!

If you DO already own a home defense pistol… well, let me offer you some more advanced tips for fine-tuning your current smoke wagon!

This week’s podcast episode starts our in-depth look at the best weapons for home defense and there’s no better place to start than with the most common weapon of choice – the pistol!

Choosing The Best Pistol For Home Defense

Best Home Defense Handguns
Follow These Key Factors For The Best Home Defense Handgun

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Glocks vs. 1911’s vs. Desert Eagles? The “truth” about which brand of firearm is best for defending your home and your loved ones!
  • Is the 9mm the best home defense caliber? Or is it the .45? Hmmmmm…
  • How to “arm” an unwilling spouse for home defense! I’ll share my personal journey in how I prepped my Liberal wife for defending herself while I travel!
  • The #1 home defense handgun secret! If you take nothing else from this episode, this single “fast-access” tactic is the most critical factor in defending your home with a handgun!
  • Advanced “gun mods” for home defense! Copy these 2 life-saving add-ons I made to my handgun to prepare for the reality of a violent home invasion!

The handgun IS the most widely used weapon for home defense… but not all guns are alike, right?

Use these factors when choosing (or tricking out) your own personal weapon to be the ultimate home defense pistol!

What Handgun Do YOU Have For Home Defense?

Please Share Your Personal “Best Pick” (And Why) Below Now…

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