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MCS 209: The “Laser Advantage” For The Best Home Defense Firearms Plan

I ask this question at pretty much all of my firearms courses – and now I’ll ask it of you…

… “Do you have a laser sighting system attached to ALL of your home defense firearms? Handgun, shotgun, and/or rifle?”

I’d say 95% of all students I ask say “no”.

Most don’t have a reason why – they just never really thought about it before.

Still others HAVE thought of it, but chose not to get one because they fell for any one of the common “myths” that are out there about using a laser for personal defense.

Well, in this week’s podcast episode, we’re going to get you totally squared away with my Top 6 reasons you MUST have a laser sighting system… and a few tips on how to use one against a violent home invasion.

Why You MUST Have Laser Sights On EVERY Home Defense Weapon!

Best Home Defense Firearm Laser Sights Tips
Should You Have Laser Sights On Your Home Defense Firearms?

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The “Hollywood myth” that brainwashes gun-owners into thinking that lasers are like a death-sentence in the dark! (And of course, the TRUTH behind this action movie nonsense.
  • Lasers vs. Red Dot Scopes! Which is more effective for engaging a violent attacker in your home?
  • How to use the “other half of your body” in a real gunfight! (Murphy’s Law is always going to try to screw you… and when it does, you’ll want to use this laser trick to get the odds back in your favor!)
  • How a laser system can actually train you to be a better close-quarters gunfighter… even if it’s not attached to your weapon! (Listen in on my conversation with a former Navy SEAL about why this factor is so critical to your very survival!)
  • Tactical tips for HOW to use a laser in your home’s “hallway battlefield”!

Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re armed with a handgun, a shotgun, or a rifle…

After this week’s episode, I’m confident you’ll look at your home defense arsenal in a whole new light… and be better prepared with just this one simple addition to your firearms!

Do You Have A Laser Sighting System On Your Home Defense Firearms?

Please Share Your Personal Insights And Home Defense Tips Using A Laser Below Now…

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