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More Funny Gun-Rights Signs (That Can Be A Legal Self-Defense NIGHTMARE!)

Recently, my buddy Tim Larkin over at Target Focus Training posted one of my videos to his readers that generated a TON of great comments.

It was a video of me sneaking up to my neighbor’s yard to show you his property sign that could get him in a lot of trouble.

Like me, Tim is one of the guys out there who tries to pull people out of the “fantasy” self-defense mind-set where…

… you’ll always have time to react (you won’t)
… you’ll always get your gun (fat chance)
… and the good guy loses and you go home a hero!

It’s this last one that I always have the hardest time convincing people of the threat you may face AFTER you’ve successfully defended your life.

For example, here are some more…

Funny Gun Rights Signs (You Should Throw In The Garbage)…

Funny Gun Rights Signs
Are YOU Guilty Of Any Of These Funny Gun Rights Signs?

Botton line, you always have to look at yourself through a prosecutor’s eyes and those of a jury should you ever find yourself having to defend your actions (even if you think you were fully justified in taking a life to save your own).

But ALSO like me, Tim has top notch readers who really “get it”, like this cop’s comment (after all, he’s one of the ones showing up on the scene, right?)…

And I understand how confusing it can be to everyone.

I mean, one of my favorite firearms training centers – well known for their stance on the 2nd Amendment and our rights to defend our property – even shares some of the blame with spreading bad advice…

And while I occasionally still get the “I’ll put up whatever damn sign I want!” guys jumping in, MOST people have the common sense to re-evaluate what they do and make the appropriate change…​

I want to thank Tim for helping to get the word out on how important it is to prepare for survival AFTER an attack that can be almost as devastating to you and your family.

Arrest… legal fees to defend yourself… damaged reputation… job loss… and Heaven forbid, an actual PRISON sentence because you had a stupid sign on your yard that made you look “guilty”.

Take a good hard look at some of the other common mistakes people make that could put you in jail… and take the steps NOW to prepare yourself.

What Other Funny Gun-Rights Signs Have You Seen That Could Get Someone In Legal Trouble In A Self-Defense Shooting?

Please Leave Your Observations Below Now…

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