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Where To Hide Your Guns For A Home Invasion

Murder, rape, and torture…

…these are common aspects of one of the worst crimes you can experience – the home invasion.

A criminal who will enter your home and take your valuables is bad enough and many a victim of a burglary could tell you how awful it feels to be violated by such a crime.

But a criminal who doesn’t care if you’re home, who actually WANTS you to be home so he can victimize you and your loved ones… this is the worst sort of violent predator.

When that predator kicks down your door, will you have home defense tactics in place?

Or will you and your family become victims?

I asked Massad Ayoob this question…

“What’s The Best Place To Keep Your Gun
For Home Invasion Defense?”

Here was his advice…

Gun owners, especially those who are interested in home defense tactics, tend to have very strong opinions about where to keep their firearms.

You’ve probably heard of keeping a gun everywhere from a drawer next to the door, to in the coat closet, to hidden in your favorite chair or coffee table, allowing you to get to your gun very quickly.

The fact is, however, that these are not the best locations to keep a firearm for home invasion survival.

The best place to keep a firearm for home invasion survival is on your person.

When a gun is on your body, it’s simultaneously secured from unauthorized handling as well as very quickly available to you.

Whether you’re on a stepladder changing a light bulb in the hallway, or sitting in your easy chair watching television, your gun is right by your side… and you don’t have to worry that a child’s curious fingers may have found it.

This is absolutely the most important of all home defense tactics. There is no faster gun than the gun you are carrying.

What Police Know About Home Invasion Survival

More importantly to the topic of home invasion survival, this is the method that cops use…

Those police officers who have seen what happens when home defense tactics fail, who have responded to particularly bloody home invasions, know how fast these things can happen.

You won’t have time to run back to the easy chair or the coat closet or that tricky picture frame hiding case on your wall. When you need your gun, you need it now.

Cops you have seen this reality wear a gun from the time they get dressed to the time they go to bed at night.

When the only time you have is fractions of seconds between the invader hitting your door and you needing to bring your gun to bear, having that gun on your body may be the only thing that saves your life and the lives of your family.

Where Else Can You Hide A Gun For Home Defense?

When things go wrong, you need a backup plan.

Having “hidden locations” for other weapons in your home can give you a secondary weapon with more firepower or some badly needed assistance if your spouse needs to help out.

Share in the conversation…

What Alternative Locations Are Good Hiding Spots For A Home Defense Weapon?

Please Share Your Tips Below…

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