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[HOME INVASION] When Cops Arrive, Follow These 3 Tactical Home Defense Tips

I’m sure you’ve heard this before…

… “when seconds count, the police are just minutes away”.

In other words, if you’re ever attacked by a criminal – such as in a nighttime home invasion – YOU are your first line of defense.

I realize you already know this is true.

But have you ever thought of how you will work WITH a responding officer to help them take down the bad guy in your home?

Here are…

3 Home Invasion Survival Tips To Work With Responding Police…

Home Invasion Defense Tactics
Do You Know How To Respond When Police Show Up To A Home Invasion In Progress?

1. Have A “Safe-Room” Plan

Unless you have children or others you protect that that sleep in other areas of your home, you don’t want to go walking through your house to “clear it” of the home invader.

A home invasion is NOT your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out all that tactical training you’ve been studying.

Sometimes the best “offense” is a well-planned DEFENSE.

For example, you should already have a “safe-room” planned out that you can retreat to in a home invasion.

This is your very first move – even before dialing 911 – because you first have to secure your own safety before counting on a police officer to come and provide it for you.

When you’re in your safe-room, your spouse or other family member should be the one to call the police while you cover the entrance of the room – and they should stay on the phone to communicate with dispatch (or the officer directly) as the scenario unfolds.

There are actually a lot of details that go into planning out your safe-room, but one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is in choosing WHICH room in your home will work best.

This should of course at least be close to your sleeping area, but it should also be one on the outer floor-plan of your house and have a window.

One reason is that you want to have the option to be able to escape out the window if possible.

Besides, you don’t want to be trapped in a room with no exit if the home invader decides to burn the house (it happens).

But there’s also another reason why you’ll want window access…

2. Activate The “Cop Signal”

When an officer arrives and they’re trying to assess the situation, a key piece of information they need is where your FAMILY is located so they can determine who is and isn’t a “threat” if they should have to clear your home.

Something we talk about in our Home Defense Tactics guide is to have a “go belt” hidden under your bed that you can grab-and-go, hightailing it to your safe-room with your firearm and the gear you need to stand your ground.

One of the items that should be in this go-belt is a “chem-lite” with your house keys attached.

You see, if you’re smart, your doors will be locked when you’re at home in order to prevent entry by a home invader, right?

But in order for an officer to come to your aid, they need to be able to access your home without having to break in themselves… and having your keys will allow them to respond much safer, quicker, and quieter.

By activating the chem-lite “key chain” and throwing it out your saferoom window, you can guide officers to your keys.

However, this still doesn’t signal to police WHERE you are located, right?

That’s why I recently just added one more item to my go-gear that I highly suggest you also get for your own home defense arsenal…

It’s a high-powered tactical “signal laser” I’ve told you about before, that you can shine out your window.

Now I’m NOT talking about some weak “laser pointer” gizmo you pick up at the local convenient store counter or Home Depot.

Those cheap types of lasers don’t actually have a visible “beam” – only the tiny red dot where the beam ends and red does NOT show up very well in the dark.

In other words, these things won’t work at ALL for the protection you need.

The tactical “signal laser” I own has 2 operation modes:

  • “Beam”: This is so bright it looks like a Star Wars “light sabre”! You really have to see it to believe it.
  • “Scatter”: This is a pretty freaky feature that, when I’ve tested it, sort of scrambles an attacker’s vision with its geometric pattern. But I have another use for it (more in a second)

Here’s how I recommend using this device…

(By the way… the laser is so simple to operate that any other family member – even a child – can operate it the way I describe below, while you take a more defensive role in your response.)

First, help officers quickly locate your home (seconds count!) by using the laser’s “scatter mode” outside your window, shining it onto the ground.

There will be no guessing which home is yours and the laser is so bright that even a police helicopter will INSTANTLY know how to locate you.

Once they arrive, switch the laser to “beam mode” and point it directly to where your home’s keys are on the ground so they can find them and see EXACTLY which room you and your family are in.

This allows them to enter your home with full confidence that they can quickly identify and engage a threat WITHOUT having to determine if it’s a bad guy they’re encountering.

Well, that’s only true as long as you…

3. Stay Put… And Stay READY!

Once you’re in your safe-room, do NOT leave it to come out to “help” the police… or even communicate with them.

You have to understand that a responding police officer is showing up to a very dangerous scenario.

The only info they may have is that there’s a potentially armed intruder in a home… and they may not make it back home to their family alive.

Anyone on the property who looks like they have a weapon – even if it’s YOU, the homeowner – will be a threat… and will may trigger a response of “shooting first and asking questions later”.

I know that sounds harsh, but you must keep in mind… “Blue Lives Matter”… and it’s a matter of survival for the responding officer.

If you come out of your front door with a weapon in your hand – even if it’s to tell the officer that it was a false alarm or that you’ve already neutralized the threat – YOU could be accidentally killed.

Stay put in your safe-room until officers clear your home and tell you it’s safe for you to come out.

What Other Home Defense Tips Do You Have For Working With Police Responding To A Home Invasion?

Please Share Home Invasion Questions And Tips Below Now…

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  • Frank Boze says:

    Jeff: I bought 2 lasers years ago that look very similar to the ones your offering, dose the laser have a small key that fits into the back to turn it on?

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Hi Frank! Yes, the one I own has a small key that puts the laser into “operational” mode.

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