[News] Home-Invasion Victim Found "Guilty"! What Would YOU Have Done?

[News] Home-Invasion Victim Found “Guilty”! What Would YOU Have Done?

I’ve been watching this court case for over a year, and I think you’ll find this very interesting (and helpful to armed citizens)…

David Hillis, 21, was sitting in his home in Akron, OH in August 2015.

Suddenly, two thugs – one with a criminal record a mile long – burst into his home and stuck a gun under his chin to rob him in broad daylight in his own living room.

As they ransacked the home, Hillis’ girlfriend – who was hiding in the basement – quickly handed him his new handgun to protect himself.

Hillis’ father was a police officer and had taught him well how to use it safely – and when Hillis showed the home invaders the weapon and told them he wasn’t afraid to use it, the cowards took off running.

At least they “tried” to…

Hillis, “in fear for his life”, took off after them, shooting one criminal in the head and killing him, while the other thug got away.

When the police showed up, they put the dead thug in a bodybag… and Hillis – the home invasion victim – in HANDCUFFS – facing a “voluntary manslaughter” charge (a first-degree felony with up to 11 years in prison).

This Home-Invasion Victim’s Story Should Be A Wake-Up Call To Every Gun-Owner In America…

Home Invasion Survival Story

Sure, Hillis did what any other homeowner would most-likely do to defend themselves and their family in a home invasion.

He was armed… trained in how to use his weapon… and the home-invaders clearly threatened his life with their own firearm.

Hillis had his girlfriend to worry about – would she get raped? Killed? Would they be held for days and tortured in their own home?

He had every right to defend himself, right?

But here’s the problem…

Marcus Glover – the “slowest running” home invader – was about 70 yards away and no longer on the victim’s property when he was shot in the head and died.

Now, for some of you, it may make total sense to go after the guys who had just threatened your life.

After all, how do you know they wouldn’t come back for “revenge” – and with MORE of their gangbanger friends, right?

Well the law says that “criminals have rights too”.

Even though they broke into Hillis’ home with a gun, the law states that criminals have the right to “change their mind” (like when a home-owner decides to fight back!) and then “retreat” out of the home.

As far as I’m concerned, if they didn’t want to get shot, the shouldn’t have broken into another person’s home in the first place, right?

But the actions Hillis took – in the eyes of the law – weren’t considered “responsible”, even if you think that the thug got what he deserved.

As I reveal in my video, “our legal system is NOT about ‘justice’… it’s about the law. Plain and simple.”

You see, all it takes is ONE tiny little mistake on your part, like…

“how” you let an attacker know you have a gun

… what type of ammo you’re using

what’s “behind” the person you shoot at

… even the TRAINING you took before you were attacked! (More on this in a second…)

Anything can go wrong and – even if you think you were fully justified in shooting – you can still go to prison for the rest of your life.

Home Invasion Story Update:

Ok, let me give you a little update because this case was just finished (a year and a half AFTER the incident)…

After a year and a half of lawyer bills and court costs, Hillis was forced to plead “guilty” to voluntary manslaughter.

He faced up to 11 years in prison for his actions (and get this… the deceased home-invader’s family staged several protests outside the court, pushing for the max sentence because their “poor little thug” shouldn’t have died for breaking into someone else’s home and threatening their life! Give me a break!)

Fortunately, Hillis only received 1 year sentencing and 5 years probation.I say “fortunately”, but here’s what you must consider…

  • Hillis can no longer own a firearm
  • He can no longer vote in an election
  • He and his family went through 1.5 years of hell, not knowing his fate
  • And can you imagine how much the Hillis family had to pay for lawyer bills and court costs for over a year and a half? (I’ll give you a hint: the average is $45,000 – and that’s even if you’re 100% innocent!)

That’s why I’m always telling gun-owners that…

…home invasion “tactics” are only PART of the survival equation you need to worry about!

I mean, what good does it do to defend your life with your gun, only to end up in prison right next to the thugs you were protecting yourself from to begin with?

Sure, you have to do whatever you can to survive and protect your family.

That’s a given.

But I can tell you that 99% of the gun-owners I talk to ALL give me wrong answers – ones that could put them away in prison for LIFE – when it comes to the legal questions” I ask them.

Your freedom – and your family’s very survival – mean so much to me that I’m making sure that every responsible gun-owner can get this life-saving DVD absolutely FREE!

But here’s the deal…

This DVD can ONLY protect you if you watch it BEFORE you’re attacked!

You see, it all has to do with what’s known as the “Reasonable Man Doctrine” that I explain in my video.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you “know it all” about your legal responsibilities in a shooting – no matter how “justified”.

Chances are you’re poorly informed on several situations where you “think” you’d be legally justified to defend yourself… but aren’t.

There’s only one way to test (and train) yourself… and that’s to watch this DVD before you’re ever forced to defend yourself with your firearm.

Once you pull the trigger, it’s too late to watch the DVD!

But if you do claim your DVD now and watch it, it can actually even be introduced as evidence in your defense to support your legal actions!

No, it’s not a “get out of jail free” card… but the dramatic “real gunfight” scenarios we cover in the DVD could be the one thing that PROVES you took responsible actions – no matter how hard the prosecution (or the poor criminal’s family) tries to paint YOU as the “bad guy” in the courtroom.

In other words, don’t wait on this!

Claim your free “bulletproof defense” DVD now and watch it as soon as it shows up at your door.

Your life (and your freedom!) may one day depend on it.

How Would YOU Have Reacted During This Home Invasion Survival Story?

Please Share Your Home Defense Tips Below Now…

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