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[RIOTS] The WORST Thing You Can Do About Looters

You’ve seen the news.

Fires raging out of control.

Stores looted and torn apart.

Whole communities reduced to ashes.

Last year, it was all because of the George Floyd protests – marches that took place because Floyd was killed while in police custody.

The protests became riots, the riots became looting… and innocent people were beaten in the street.

But as bad as that was, it’s about to become worse… because tensions are higher than ever following the conviction of the police officer in the George Floyd case.

If rioting comes your way, there’s one critical looter defense mistake that you can’t afford to make!

The WORST Mistake You Can Make When Defending Your Home From Looters

When riots spread to dozens of cities across the United States, the focus shifted.

Police stations and police cars took the worst of it to start.

Then the looting started, first of big stores, then expensive shopping districts.

(In SoHo, looters took millions of dollars of Rolex watches when they cleaned out a fancy store.)

But as the violence raged on, we started seeing reports of small business owners being attacked, some while trying to defend their life’s savings.

One couple was beaten with 2X4s in Rochester, New York.

Another man tried to face a mob with a sword… and was beaten to a bloody pulp.

And on and on it went, with cars and businesses getting wiped out.

But then they started targeting private homes, with some of the political agitators among the rioters sending tweets saying they were going to “come to the suburbs.”

With thousands of National Guard troops on the streets of American cities, private citizens spent long nights in their homes, worried they could be targeted next.

But when the mob is walking up your street, there’s one CRITICAL mistake you do NOT want to have on your house or in your yard:

A “looters will be shot” sign!

You Loot We Shoot

See, no matter how many guns you have, you can’t fight off a mob of hundreds of people if they really start pouring in.

If they rush you, they’ll take you down.

Instead, you need to camouflage your home.

Don’t put up a “looters will be shot” sign…

…Put up a “We Stand With George Floyd” sign, or anything else that signifies you’re “with” the rioters.

That could help mark you as a “friendly” household, and maybe the mob will pass you by.

Now, the best defense against rioting and looting is, honestly, not to be there.

No matter what you do, like I said, it’s very difficult to fight off an entire mob of people.

But if you have no choice – say, because the riot came up on you before you realized you should get out, and especially if it’s only a few people looking to invade your house or apartment – there are things you CAN do.

To do them, you need a home invasion plan.

And to defend your home against this type of violence requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.

When violent rioters or home invaders break down your door while you’re home, you may have to know. . .

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Methods for staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And a LOT MORE.

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you’d like to see more of what’s covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because a LOT of the training we’ve developed is WAAAAAY different than what you’ll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with more of these real-world home-invasion stories (some of which ended well, and others of which ended VERY badly).

I think you’ll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion… or for sudden, violent riots and looting.

I look forward to hearing what you think… and I hope you and your family stay safe.

What Is YOUR Home Defense Plan?
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