How to become a "lightning fast" gun-hand (immediately)

How to become a “lightning fast” gun-hand (immediately)

“Bang bang bang! You’re DEAD!”

“Nu-UH! I got you FIRST!”

“No you didn’t!”


How many of us, as kids, pretended to be Wild West gunfighters?

But the one thing everybody thinks about, when they think about playing “cowboy,” is that staple of Wild West duels:

The quick-draw.

And while nobody could be as lightning-quick as movie gunfighters (because, let’s face, it those are film fantasies)…

…being able to get to your gun FAST could save your life in a real-life gunfight.

Further down we’ll talk more about some  some “advanced” online training.

For now, though, I just want to share with you…

A Guaranteed Way To Speed Up Your Draw For Real Gunfights

Speed Up Your Drawstroke

Okay, the first thing we’re going to do is remove the clothing factor.

Now, this isn’t the Wild West, and you won’t just be slinging your gun on your hip out in the open…

…but to train your drawstroke to get it faster, we want to isolate components of the draw.

(This is a method called “block training,” and I’ve got a sobering tip for you about that in a minute, but don’t worry about that now.)

We’re doing this “dry fire,” so make sure all your ammo is out of the gun and in a different room.

(Check the gun, then check it again, to make sure it’s empty!)

Stick with one gun, and always the same one (preferably the one you carry).

The more ways you carry, the more you have to adjust your draw-stroke, so start with just ONE carry position.

Now, what you’re going to do is go in SLOW MOTION.

  1. Start in stages, so just practice getting a good grip on your gun, with the web of your hand down nice and deep (but no drawing!).
  2. Focus most of your training on this one factor until it becomes second nature.
  3. Then, move on to the second stage, which would be getting a good grip, then drawing the gun from the holster.
  4. Do THAT over and over again, then practice gripping, drawing, and positioning the gun for shooting from retention.


You keep going in stages like that, as slow as molasses.

You can still train for a complete draw stroke (and eventually work in your cover garment), but start heavier on that first stage, then the second stage, and so on.

The idea is to isolate, then repeat, the component pieces of your draw stroke until they are burned into your brain.

“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” as the old saying goes.

The more you isolate and train those components in slow motion, the more you’ll be developing those neural pathways, until you can’t help but get faster… and smoother…and faster still.

Now, you know what you DIDN’T do while practicing all that?

You never once fired a live round!

Most people don’t believe me when I say “dry-fire”, in the comfort of your own home, should be MOST of your real-life gun training…

…and honestly, I didn’t believe it either until I started training with my friend “Ox.”

And Ox would tell you, too, that “block training” alone isn’t enough for real gunfights.

What you’ve just done – isolating pieces of the draw stroke – is block training that will help you on your way to a faster draw, and that’s GREAT.

Can you take on an Old West gunfighter?

Probably not, but you’ll have a fighting chance against some cracked out scumbag in a dark parking garage…

…But not just YET.

See, isolating the draw stroke is only the first step.

Yes, a fast draw stroke could save your life… but only if you also understand the OTHER real-life gunfight factors.

In fact, there are SEVEN factors in a real gunfight.

One thing I’ve discovered is that to truly become a “master gunfighter,” ALL these seven factors have to be trained…at the same time!

I know… sounds impossible, right?

I did too, until I started training closely with my buddy “Ox.”

He developed “The Praxis Method” that does it all for you.

I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve found this method nothing short of ground-breaking.

In fact, I believe it could literally revolutionize firearms training as we know it and it’s starting to get a TON of buzz right now in the tactical training world.

If you’d like to see how it works, and how you can use it to take your skills farther than you ever thought possible, we’re holding a free “encore” online training workshop this week for a small group of our readers.

(Note – Limited seats available; please register now)

This training is for new shooters as well as “experts” and it’s going to blow your mind how fast you can literally “program” life-saving skills into your brain (like a computer)…

The online workshop won’t cost you a thing, but the lessons you learn will absolutely transform your “gun-training” into “gun-FIGHT” training using some new tricks that hardly ANY shooters even know about.

Go ahead and register now while we still have seats available for this free online class now…

I’ll see you at the training! 🙂

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